Job Report: 06.16.22-Open Jam Host Band-Sharks in Largo FL

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    Apr 26, 2017
    This was scheduled about four months ago, and I had put together a team of T Willie on Guitar/Vocals, Eddie Santiago on Drums/Vocals, and Ron Scrimo-Keyboards/Vocals.

    Unfortunately, My man T Willie had a medical requirement which came up so he and Ron had to back out.

    The competent and professional international recording artist Tommy McCoy filled in thanks to our weekly Hostess, Mikki Neal, as Tommy used to run this jam.

    We didn't put together a set list as Tommy, Eddie and I have played together several times so Tom just started with a couple of instrumentals and we were off to the races. Eddie is probably my favorite drummer with whom to play. Experienced, understands volume and dynamics, perfect timing and fills, rock-solid, energetic, and a pleasure to hang with. Played with Anthony and the Imperials back in the 60s.

    Over the course of the first couple of sets, we were joined by Mikki, singing a few, and a horn section which consisted of up to three Saxophone players, a trombonist, and a couple of hornblowers. We also had conga and djembe players sit in. Their names are listed on the YouTube videos I posted.

    Luckily, several bass players showed up so I was relegated to 3 sets which was cool with me since I don't get paid by the note.

    Chow consisted of a Bavarian pretzel, fries, and half of a grilled cheese sandwich. Sorry. no pics . . . I'm obviously no @BassCliff, but then again, I use my phone for recording the YouTube videos with the aid of a Røde shotgun mic so there's little opportunity for snapping pics of the food once things get started.

    Gear consisted of my Mesa Subway 215 cab, Mesa Strategy Eight 88 head, Furman power conditioner, Gramma sound isolation mat, and 2 fans (Florida! :rollno:)

    Here are some pics, and a vid:
    Screenshot_20220618-083732_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-083704_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-083818_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-083806_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-084115_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-083947_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-083634_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-083621_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-083647_YouTube.jpg
    Screenshot_20220618-094955_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-094946_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-094935_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20220618-095000_YouTube.jpg

    My friend, Ric Santiago showed up, and he's one of the best sax players in the bay area, IMO. Eddie Guiun came in later. He's also a good sax player and can literally play any instrument on stage, sings well, and knows how to lead a band.

    I was a bit worn out as I'd been out playing the night before and didn't get home until 02:30 am that morning, so I was definitely glad for the respite that the other bass players provided. Thanks to Big Al Raz, Steve Correy. And Later, the aforementioned Eddie G.

    Here's a link to the 1st set vids:

    I have another host band job scheduled for October IIRC, and will hopefully have T Willie and Ron for that one.
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