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  1. well, i was at my local store (5min walk from me) playing my favourite g&l tribute sb-2:p, im pretty good friends with the owners and the other week the ladys husband was in, i knew he was a bassist (10 years or so) but yesterday she said to me that her husband was a sax player in the bbc orchestra for years and years and heaps of other pro stuff but she said he said to her that he said that he thought i was incredible and if someone who really knew music saw me playing somewhere they'd wanna get me ( i dunno why) and that he'd wanna get lessons from me ( i still dunno why) but they offered me a job teaching, still blushing from the huge write up she gave me i said yes :hyper:

    ive already got 4 students of a thursday afternoon:hyper:

    they've got me teaching theory out of a book, but i get 100% comtrol over teaching technique and aural skills and anything else is up to me:)
  2. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    You'll do fine just as long as you're at least one lesson ahead of your students.