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  1. Hey guys, I've just left high school and am taking a break before going to university, I'm looking at getting a job at one of the local music shops. So far, so good, I've got plenty of promising responses (maybe too many :D ). Just wondering, does anyone have any tips/info for a newbie to the music industry - about how much can i expect to earn, etc...?
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    The Clap

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    I'm not sure that working at a shop will see you further into the music industry. Your salary and experience will depend on a number of factors specific to the store you get hired at. These things vary by region, specialty, ownership etc. Are you considering working at a chain?
  3. I dont really expect to get further into the industry by working at a shop, but its handy experience while I earn... There are three main options now - Chain (rockshops - sells guitars and such), Semi-independant chain (also rockshops) and several fully independant stores (classical instruments).