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  1. Hey folks, it's been almost a year since I've been around on a regular basis. I struggled a bit financially last year, but this one is looking better, so I should have some time to participate.

    Things are fine here, beyond the usual complaints. Summertime allergies, psychotic guitar players, etc. Life goes on.

    I'm still playing mostly with the zydeco band: This band is going to be reforming soon, guitar player is quitting, although
    we will be at Fuzzy's later this month. We did a lot of travelling this year, I'll be posting some gig pics.

    Just finishing a CD with these guys:
    Trying to figure how much we can spend on mastering. We're not gigging at this point since the keyboard player has temporarily moved to New York.

    Just started playing and recording with a Americana or "alt" country band (think late '50's Sun Records sound). I'll be with them tonight at the Eddie's Attic. The groove on the sound samples is not great (we're in the process of re-cutting those tracks), but check out the slow song called "Sing Me To Sleep", it's very pretty.

    that's about it,
  2. Hey Joe,
    Good to hear from you! I hope I'm still on your mailing list for gigs.. let us know when you'll be takin' those chops for a walk in town.
  3. john turner

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    Mar 14, 2000
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    hey joe, good to see you back around, man. i was wondering what happened to you, glad you're ok.

    definitely keep me posted on the zydeco gigs, i'd dig coming to hear that.
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    Apr 21, 2000
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    that's right you other TB'ers. ATL's running this piece up in here!!!! :D
  5. Thanks guys. I haven't been doing any email notifications, just another thing that fell by the wayside. I'll post gig spam for the next Zydeco T gig.
  6. Welcome back man!! Definetly hook us up with the gig spam!:cool:
  7. Yo Joe! I was 'a wondering what was happening. Good to see your on top of things again.