Joemeek FloorQ Current Draw

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    Nov 13, 2015
    So I finally bit the bullet and bought an MXR Iso Brick after using a One Spot for a few years.

    With the One Spot I was pretty reckless as it pertains to current / miliamps. Thankfully I never fried anything. But with the Iso Brick, I'm being extremely cautious with the outputs and the pedals I plug into them.

    To that end, I've succesfully tracked down the current draw of every pedal in my go-to chain. All except for one: the Joemeek FloorQ. Nowhere on the pedal, in the manual, or online is there any mention of mA.

    The manual states the following (I have also attached the full page of specs if that's helpful at all):
    Power Supply: 9V to 18V, ac or dc
    Power Consumption: 4W.

    When I put 18V and 4W into a power consumption calculator, I get 222mA; 9V and 4W —> 444mA. If this is the correct formula to use in this context, then I'm in luck—the Iso Brick has an 18V / 250mA output as well as a 9V / 450mA output.

    The curveball happened when I e-mailed [email protected] (from the Joemeek website: "If you need immediate assistance
    please email PMI Audio Group at [email protected]"). I asked what the current draw of the FloorQ is and I also asked if the above calculations were correct. Justin, from PMI audio responded "No you should run the FloorQ at 1amp. 1000milliamps." I then asked him what would happen if I ran the pedal at 18V/250mA, to which he responded "It wouldn’t have enough current and you would have gain and distortion problems."

    So that leaves me with these questions:
    • Do any FloorQ owners here run it at less than 1,000 mA? And if so, do you experience gain and distortion problems?
    • Will running the pedal at less than 1000mA fry the pedal and/or the power supply? (The Iso Brick manual warns against plugging in a pedal whose current is higher tha/that of the output)
    • Where did Justin get 1 amp / 1,000 mA from?
    • Why are my calculations wrong?
    • Is there a good isolated power supply with a 1000mA output?
    I appreciate any and all help! Also, shout-out to @Funky Ghost and @Axstar for their help on the matter. Screenshot_2018-04-03-06-42-46-1.png Screenshot_2018-04-03-06-42-46-1.png
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    Maybe I'm missing something, but according to their sparse specs, even at 9v its only 444 ma.

    1 amp just seems nuts. It's not as if its running a tube.
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    Nov 13, 2015
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    I have run it off 250 mA with no issues at all. I have a very hard time imagining how it could draw more than that, except upon initial power-up. Some pedals draw a huge spike just as soon as they are plugged in, and then they settle down to a "normal" much lower draw after that.
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