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  1. This bass was built by John Carruthers in Venice, CA. Headless 8 string tuned in 4ths, US made Steinberger mechanic, 4 EMG-j style pickups, integrated parametric equalizer, slim and fast neck, excellent tone shaping capabilities. This bass is one of a kind, the only one John built. Asking $1,600.00 including shipping within the continental US. Please email for pics, thanks.

  2. Still available, plays like butter.
  3. I am getting a lot of requests, but, please READ the top of the thread. This bass is tuned in 4ths, no octaves.

    thanks everyone.
  4. Is this instrument tuned in 4ths or octaves? :D

    Just kidding. What is the string spacing at the nut and at the bridge?

    - Dave
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    You would do well to post a pic, that way you wouldn't get so many questions.
  6. My initial thread also states:

    "Email me for pics":


    thanks again, and again, and again........................
  7. sorry for responding late, Dave. I was out of town on business. The bass has exact the same string spacing as a fender P bass, wide but very comfortable.

    pics available @:


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    ***???? When I opened your webpage I got directed to a porn page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yeah, what's up with that? Change it before some minor finds it. Its either that or we notify a moderator and see what they say. :eek:
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    Somebody may have hacked their webpage...that happened to my old band's site a while back. I've been to Jorg's band's homepage before and it worked fine so I did a little Google search to see if I could get there without using the address that's currently linked to an adult site. You can get to the real site from the following address:

    Hope that helps,
  11. Thanks, Justin;

    Yep, my site got hi jacked, and I have trouble fixing it.

    The server/host department assured me last week that they'll fix it. Nothing happened yet.
  12. pics can be viewed @:
    under "used"

    or email me for more details:JSCHRO7376@MSN.COM