SOLD John East J-Retro Deluxe - Black on Black

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  1. andym888

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    Apr 28, 2007
    Englewood, CO
    United States
    9v preamp for Fender Deluxe-style basses with side-mounted jack.

    Price includes shipping in CONUS. Paypal only. US sales only.

    Purchased in November, 2017. Only used for a few months.

    It's been in the original box on a shelf ever since.

    Black knobs on black plate.
    • Volume / Blend
    • Pickups switch
    • Treble (boost/cut - pull for bright) / Bass (boost only)
    • Mid (boost/cut) / Mid Frequency
    • Active / Passive switch
    • Passive Tone
    Original box with docs and instructions included.

    Thanks for looking.

    East_JRetro_1.jpg East_JRetro_2.jpg East_JRetro_3.jpg East_JRetro_7.jpg East_JRetro_6.jpg East_JRetro_4.jpg East_JRetro_5.jpg
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