SOLD John East Retro J Deluxe for Audere

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    I have a deluxe Jazz right now with a John East Retro J Deluxe preamp. It’s a nice preamp. But, my other two jazzes have Audere Preamps with 4 band tone controls and I just prefer them so much over the John East. Anyone wanna trade me straight up?

    This is what I want.
    Jazz 4B T Chrome

    This is what I have.
    John East - J Retro Deluxe - Best Bass Gear

    I realize the John East is more than double the price. Call me crazy, I don’t really care. I’ll still straight up trade.
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  2. somebrains


    Feb 7, 2017
    PMd you, if you're in a crazy mood I'll have one shipped to you.
    Wells Fargo raised my credit limit today.
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  3. I’m fine with that. The John east works perfect. I just like having the hi mid/lo mid on the Audere. Hate the sweepable mids on the John east.
  4. Aaaaaaand traded! Thanks, guys.
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