John Entwistle bass collection

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    Posted about Entwistle playing a Hofner Bass a few months ago, now I am gonna post a picture of his bass collection from 1978.

    Noticed he played his Rickenbacker 4008 8 string bass, a rare Gretsch 12 string electric bass that looked like the same one played by Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick, a Fender Telecaster bass with the American flag painted on it, an Alembic, and (on the left of the picture) a Music Man Stingray Bass.
    This was probably one of the first Music Man Basses to ever exist. Not sure if Entwistle ever used it on any studio recordings, but I am pretty sure he played it on Face Dances, You Better You Bet, Athena and Eminence Front.
    Like most of his basses, I’m sure the ones in this picture were all auctioned off shortly after he died in 2002.
    That is all.