John Entwistle technique "typewriter"

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  1. Hey all, been a lurker in these forums for a little while and decided to register.

    I had a question about my favorite bassists technique.
    John Entwistle was a god of the bass and though I consider myself to be pretty good; I think I would benefit from learning his typewriter technique.

    Does anybody here know of it? If so could I get some tips, videos, books or anything of the sort on it?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you guys!
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    If you can find his Hotlicks video, he demonstrates this technique there. It's not overly helpful, he shows off really. He solos a bit and then gives a brief breakdown of what he was doing. I felt there was more to be learned from watching his hands than from listening to what he said, but that is the best (and only) video I can think of with him doing it in. It's worth seeing though, for the meagre educational merit it has.
  3. Alright thanks, i'll look for that!

    Is a true shame he died a few years back; getting a chance to see him in action live would have been amazing.
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    All hail the king!!!!

    ...and his Buzzard!!

    RIP John :bassist:
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    Yeah, I have that vid floating around somewhere. It's entirely useless as an instructional tape, IMHO - and quite frankly, I don't feel that the video does a very good job of making him look like all that accomplished a bassist, either.
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    Not to side-track here, but I have that video and it is rather amusing. I love where he is riffing and the musical notation just flys by at a hundred miles per hour on the bottom of the screen. He also is using, I believe, some sort of Marshall guitar amp for the overdrive tone (my tape stopped working a while back). Yeah, it's not very helpful.
  8. Man I need to find somebody near me who can teach that to me, that would be awsome.
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    Folmeister, is that the holy J.R. "Bob" Dobbs from the Church of the Subgenius in your avatar?