John Entwistle's skeleton strap? (where can I get one)0

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  1. Do any of you guys have a link to someplace where I could buy a strap like John Entwistle's. The one I'm talking about that has the skeleton arm/hand extenging over the shoulder....

    anyone got info on those?
  2. Oh, I've seen that.. I want it too. .. Well, that was really of no help. I'll look for one, though, and inform you if I do find one (although I've got dibs 'cause John's my favourite bassist :hyper: )
  3. I wonder if someone here makes em custom or what? I really want information on it!
  4. If I am getting the right image in my head, you could just tape one of those plastic skeleton arms to the strap.
  5. Ehhh I don't quite think that'd work out too well .Hah. You've gotta see it to understand.
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    Mar 14, 2007
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    I know this thread is old but I came across it when I was trying to find this strap... So far I've only come-up with the name of the place he got it... "Fossit's" or "J. Fossit" Leathermakers in the UK, I can't actually find a link that confirms this