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John/Jennifer Leitham Revisited

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by Paul Warburton, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. I hear from the Bass Vine that, on the 24th of this month, March, Wednesday night, they're repeating the sexual re-assignment story on bassist formerly John, and currently Jennifer Leitham......I think either Discovery or TLC. Check your TV Guide. Great story IMO. :hyper: :hyper:
  2. Tim Ludlam

    Tim Ludlam

    Dec 19, 1999
    Carmel, IN
    It brings to mind the Harry Scherer (sp?) character in "A Mighty Wind".
  3. mpm


    May 10, 2001
    Los Angeles
    Thanks for the heads-up Paul, I took lessons from John a while back. I still try to make it out to see Jennifer play when she's in town as she is real busy with Doc Severinson's band.

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