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  1. I saw John Myung with Dream Theater in Montreal about two weeks ago. It was the second time in two years for me to taste Myung`s Bass lines with that Super Group.

    A band is as good as its Bass player, they say.

    Well, Dream Theater is an awesome Band then !!!


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL

    you lucky bastard...

    i was gonna see them in atlanta but my friend got sick two days before we were gonna go so we had to cancel :bawl:


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    oh yeah, do you have a setlist?
  4. Defeldus,

    I am afraid I do not have the set list but I saw it somewhere on the Net, probably at the Dream Theater Web Site.

    There is one part of the concert I will always remember is the Medley of songs they did !!! For those who saw the Concert, they know what I am talking about !!!! Simply Dream Theater at its best !!!

    I was really impressed by John Myung`s playing. He even smiled couple of times !!!:)

    Although I am not a big Fan of his Tone, I admit he is among the best in its style at the moment.


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    are you talking about the instrumedley (a medley of all the instrumentals) that theyve been doing a lot lately? i have an mp3 of it, and i would kill to see it live. simply amazing. i wish i coulda made that show... oh well, maybe ill catch them when they tour after their new album comes out.
  6. Defeldus,

    You have that MP3 !!!!!

    Please, send it to me via email or give me the link to get it !!!

    That Medley was simply awesome in concert !!!


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    yeah, you can probably find the mp3 or the bootleg video from a live concert on kazaa, thats where i got mine. also, heres a link to a website with a video of it (the video quality is very bad but the sound is ok)

    hope you enjoy it

  8. People, today is my "I can't stop talking about Myung and his signature bass"day..
    I know, very pathetic, but I am going to post something here I also did on another board!!!

    *sigh* my truel love in life...

    Myung highly stimulated me in playing a groove bassline with your left hand (doing hammer ons) and tapping chords with the right hand.
    Good exercise to train your fingers and you can create lovely riffs with it..

    ( I am so sorry, but I just can't stop talking!!!! )

    Ofcourse I have set my string action very low on this way easier for tapping etc.
    BUT: I still have to learn to slap (never got into it and I only had 3 months of leasons) and this bass is soooo difficult to slap because of the narrow string spacing...

    Now I am going to talk more about the bass, the RBX6JM:
    We start with the neck. The neck is made off maple and it bolt on. It is smooth and lovely and one of the main things I enjoy about this neck is that it is sort of straight. With this I mean that most 6 string basses have a very narrow neck at the beginning (starting at the nut) and become very wide towards the body. This one doesn't. Ofcourse it gets a bit wider towards the body, but not that much. Lovely.
    The fingerboard is made of Ebony and feels lovely.
    Ofcourse, the famous Infinity inlay is in the fretboard.

    The body is made from Alder with figured maple top. Most people consider this bass sort of heavy for a 6 stringer, but I LOVE it. I love his heavy weight, I love it to feel it when I am on stage or just playing with my band.

    It has 24 frets wich I found very important for some reason. If this one had 22 frets I wouldn't have bought it I guess. Works the same for me with guitars btw.
    The scale lenght is 889mm wich is equal to 35".

    The pick ups in this bass are 2 Alnico Humbuckers who are giving the bass a full, warm and powerfull sound.
    The bass itself has a master volume, pickup balance and an active three-band EQ.
    The bridge is a solid brass one with 6 individual saddles...I lost one of the screws btw, so I had to come up with a temporary solution...not good...but anyways...

    Conclusion: I love this bass


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    :D me too. what do you think of this one (his new sig model): dtgp4.jpg heres another one of it:

  10. hateater

    hateater snatch canadian cream

    May 4, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    I saw DT with Queensryche and Fates warning on Thursday. They were all great bands, but I have one HUGE complaint... I COULDN'T HEAR MYUNG!!! It really dissappointed me, buecause i could see that he was doing some amazing stuff, but I could barely hear him! Does anyone know why he plays so low? Thanks....!
  11. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    it's all because of portnoy. he has specially tuned custom bass drums that _have_ to be _heard_. myung is the worlds first (and thankfully one of the few) performing bass mimes, at portnoy's request.

  12. hateater

    hateater snatch canadian cream

    May 4, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    I think i read a quote somewhere where Myung said something like, "I believe that the bass should not stand out more than ((something rather))..." Well, I really forget what he said exactly, but I think he was getting at that the bassist should stick to playhing with the bass drum and only have the occasional fill. That is really weird since he plays nothing like that.

    I still wish I could hear him! :(
  13. sounds like Myung has been conditioned by his bandmates to be low in the mix.
  14. yeah I have'nt listened to much DT. I have never been impressed by them as a group or as people in their interviews. Good chops though. I have LTE which is ok, mostly got that because Tony Levin is on it. I think they should let Myung be higher in the mix though from what I have heard by them.I know Myung plays Chapman stick but does he actually play it live or on many tracks by them? He might of been told by the bandmates that it would be turned down too or not to use it much.
  15. The Lurker

    The Lurker

    Aug 16, 2002
    Par tof the problem is that he's simultaneously playing off Portnoy and Petrucci, so his highs and lows get confused with them since he's doubling them, and his mids get overrun by the keyboards.
  16. Davehenning


    Aug 9, 2001
    Los Angeles
    I have played through Myung's rig with Portnoy playing and I could hear the bass fine. The FOH mix is the reason you can't hear him.
  17. JM's main Stick track is "New Millennium" off of 1997's "Falling Into Infinity", which gets played in a good number of sets live.

    It was also used in the verses of "Take Away My Pain", and the bassline to "Home" off SFaM was developed on Stick before being ported over to bass.
  18. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    well, the bass is very present in the original mix of wdadu, imo. i don't know about the "Re-whatever" that portnoy just released, but the original that i have has a good sound and good mix (and a crappy singer). when i saw them live for the images and words tour he was a lot more present in the mix, and there was a lot less "80's metal tone" happening in the guitars.
  19. Just to straighten things out, Dream Theater has nothing to do with the various re-releases of "When Dream And Day Unite". One-Way Records purchased the rights from MCA, and released it in 1997/8 and again last year as a "Special Edition Remastered" version without any input from the band.
  20. By-Tor


    Apr 13, 2000
    Sacramento, CA
    I saw them last night, and I could hear John, but barely.
    But I must say that the extensive instrumental medley was awesome.