John Paul Jones on the new Sara Watkins CD

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    Mar 25, 2009
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    Disclaimer: I love Nickel Creek, have all Chris Thile and Sean Watkins' solo records and would be bound to love this too regardless, unless it totally missed the boat. Though in fact, I did not get the Mutual Admiration Society record (JPJ did the tour, not the CD) because my first impression was "pass".

    But this one, produced by Jones, is much more satisfying. The bass playing is wonderful, by Jones, Byron House, Mark Shatz and Sebastian Steinberg, who takes most of the swingy lilt tunes. Jones' songs are notable in that you sometimes can't even tell there's a bass on the track, even though there may be drums, which I really love. It gives such an open feeling instead of density. The basses all sound really good on this CD, even in their secondary role.

    Watkins, well, disclaimer again, I love her singing and fiddle playing always, and it's captured beautifully here. I hate to make comparisons to the Plant/Krauss CD for the obvious LZ connection, but it's songs, fiddles, female vocals too. But I bought that, played it twice and haven't listened to it since. Feh songs, played feh-ly, recorded as if in a box, mixed so-retro-cool vintage blindly squashed. I'm such a T-Bone Burnette non-fan.

    Clear, affectionate production by Jones. Great job. Anyone see him on the Mutual Admiration Society tour?