John Paul Jones

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  1. Does anyone have a clue on what amp(s) or effects he used back in the Zeppelin days????
  2. TCollins


    Apr 4, 2000
    I saw Led Zeppelin (w/John Bonham on drums)in the early 70's in Syracuse, NY...LOUDEST band I've ever heard...I believe JPJ was using what appeared to me as a gigantic "Orange" (brand name) amp...I'm also sure that he was going through their monster PA system...
  3. Okay, well don't hold me to this stuff. I believe that John Paul Jones was using 2 Cerwin Vega 2x15's during his Zeppelin days. With like a GMT 600 power amp (I think that's a Crown model... could be Orange..., but I could be wrong too). You can check all of the guys old gear list out at . We all know that JPJ is playing the SWR now. It would be neat to see if anyone else can dig up a vintage gear lest for them. Hope this helps
  4. Thornton Davis

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    Dec 11, 1999
    I saw them in early 69 in Toronto at the Rockpile. JPJ was playing his Fender Jazz through two Acoustic 360 amps. Each amp was driving a single 18" rear mounted Cerwin-Vega speaker in a reflex cabinet made by Acoustic. The place shook!!
    There was a time in late 68 when Rickenbacker was supplying their Transonic 200 Series amps. JPJ was reported to have used two Transonic heads driving two Transonic cabinets each loaded with a 30" and two 12"s speakers. This didn't last for more than 6 months, then he switched to the Acoustic 360's.
  5. Flea24


    Apr 7, 2000
    im sure over the years JPJ used many different kinds of amps but i know one of however many he had was a acoustic 360 the same as jaco, and graham used