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Discussion in 'Line 6' started by timmus, Sep 4, 2010.

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    Well, it appears I have pretty much sorted out what issues I was having with my Bass Pod Pro (original) and the floorboard...I must be colorblind cause I mixed up two wires when I made up a RJ45 cable to connect the took me a while to find it...darn it, I made it! It can't be wrong! :eyebrow: Stubborness wil get me in trouble every time :rolleyes:

    I have had the pod for ages and have hardly used it but I am in a band now where the different sounds/effects can be put to good use so I bought a used floorboard so it would be easier to use on stage.

    So I go to look on line to see if there are any websites with different patches to upload into my POD, you know, to see what someone else might have come up with, and there is nothing...nada....not that many years ago, there were tons of them...I guess my question is; is anyone aware of a site or sites where this information on "vintage" Bass Pod Pro patches might be found? Are the patches for the Pod 2 directly compatible to upload (they didn't appear to be but it was hard to tell).

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