Johnnyplaysbass w/Tribute to Journey: Another Journey @ Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield, Ohio

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  1. johnnyplaysbass


    Apr 30, 2008
    Brea, CA
    Hey Fellow TBers!
    This is my first attempt at a gig report, so please be kind. I hope I can follow the blue print that @BassCliff has made. He has set the standard by which all gig reports are measured.:)

    My Journey tribute band, Another Journey, performed at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Nothfield Park, Ohio on Saturday April 8th. Northfield is located about 20 miles from Cleveland. Here is the Hard Rock's advertisement for the show.

    The band is based in Las Vegas, but I live in Orange County in Southern California. On Friday morning, I flew from LAX and met the rest of the guys at the airport in Cleveland. We were picked up in an official Hard Rock vehicle by one of their drivers. (The Hard Rock provided ground transportation for us for the duration of our time in Cleveland.)

    We arrived at our hotel about 6:00pm. Here we are unloading our stuff.

    It had snowed 6 inches the day before, so there was still snow on the ground. It was in the low 30s that when we arrived. Here is the view from my room. 20170407_191843.jpg

    All five of us had our own had our own rooms. We got ourselves situated and met in the hotel lobby and dining area for some pizza that we had ordered for delivery. ( @dbase, sorry I didn't get any pictures of the pizza. There will be some food shots later.;) )
    After dinner we all retired to our rooms. We were tired from a long day of traveling.

    Van call was at 1:00pm Saturday. We were once again picked up by the Hard Rock and taken to the venue. We arrived about 1:20pm. Here is a photo of the giant screen advertising our show at the entrance.
    And here is a photo of as you enter the casino's south entrance. received_10209262052811633.jpg

    Of course, being the band, we entered at the back of the venue near the loading dock. Upon entering, we saw this waiting for us.

    Here are some photos I took of our "Green Room".
    20170408_132246.jpg 20170408_132308.jpg 20170408_132955.jpg
    After checking out our "Green Room", we were taken to our dressing rooms. I shared Dressing Room 1 with two of the other guys. There was also a bathroom with a shower in there, as well.

    My rig for the night was an Ampeg SVT-CL head and an Ampeg 8x10 cabinet. I brought my red Fender Jazz Bass Special and my black Fender Deluxe P-Bass Special. I used the P-Bass Special for the show. 20170408_150724.jpg

    My pedals for the night consisted of my Line 6 G50 wireless, Boss TU-2 Tuner, Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus, and MXR M-80 Bass D.I. +.

    Here is a view from FOH.

    It was around 5:00pm when we finished soundcheck. The doors didn't open until 7:00pm and showtime was at 8:00pm . So, we had a lot of time to relax before we hit the stage. When we returned to the "Green Room", this was waiting for us. Stuff to make sandwiches and a fruit tray. I don't like to eat much before going on stage, so I just ate some pineapple and blackberries.
    And our fridge had been stocked with various sodas and water.

    I took this shot from the stairs right before we took the stage. It's a full house!
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  2. johnnyplaysbass


    Apr 30, 2008
    Brea, CA
    The show started at 8:00pm and we played about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Here are some photos taken by the staff of the Hard Rock during the show.


    We took this photo with the crowd behind us at the end of the show. The audience was fantastic! The staff were amazing! We had an absolute blast!
    Another Journey stage 01.jpg
    We got back to our hotel around midnight. The van picked us up at 1:00pm the next day to take us back to the airport. Here we are loading up.
    20170409_130026.jpg 20170409_130209.jpg
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  3. johnnyplaysbass


    Apr 30, 2008
    Brea, CA
    We got to the airport about 1:30pm. Since my flight wasn't until 6:15pm, I couldn't check in until 2:15pm. Once I was able to check in and went through security, I met the other guys at a place called The Pub for some dinner.
    I had the English Pot Roast. It was delicious!

    Instead of flying back home to SoCal, I flew to Las Vegas. My wife drove to Vegas and picked me up at the airport. We spent two nights there at the New York New York Hotel and Casino together and drove home Tuesday morning. I had a great gig and overall fun trip! Thanks for reading my first gig report! Hope you enjoyed it!
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  4. dtripoli


    Aug 15, 2010
    Awesome and thanks for the pictures and time line, well done!
    Love to see and read about fellow musicians shows.

    Certainly rises far and above my Saturday gig of playing to 40 some odd inebriated patrons at the local dive bar.
    Sorry I have no pictures but I'm sure y'all have vivid memories of those type of gigs anyway.
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  5. Great report...thanks for sharing. It looks like the KB had both wired IEMs and a wedge floor monitor next to that correct? That seem so like an odd setup to me but I'm a new bass player and have never played anywhere outside of church. Did you also have an IEM (wired or wireless) in addition to the floor monitors?
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  6. dbase

    dbase Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    South Jersey, USA..
    Wow .. you knocked this one out of the park .. Not to shabby for your 1st gig report.. BassCliff is going to give you a +1 on this report. good job with the food shots. ;)
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  7. dbase

    dbase Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    South Jersey, USA..
    That Pot Roast looks awesome .. say, can I hang out with you??? ;)
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  8. growlypants


    Nov 10, 2012
    WOW!! I'm imPRESSed!! Excellent gig report. (I'm still learning how to upload pix, and frankly, not very well...) Thanks for posting, and hope to see lots more of you guys soon!
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  9. McG

    McG Goat Hill Gamblers

    Oct 6, 2010
    Costa Mesa, CA
    I'll add my vote to 'Excellent Gig Report'. Not only was the report first class (i.e. BassCliff class) the gig itself was first class. Thanks for sharing!
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  10. johnnyplaysbass


    Apr 30, 2008
    Brea, CA
    Thanks for the kind words, @dtripoli. I've played my share of dive bars over the years, as well. Definitely have some great memories and stories.

    Thanks, @OCDave. The IEMs that our keyboard player uses sends him a click for a few songs that he starts, like "Open Arms", "Who's Crying Now", "Faithfully". For some songs our drummer uses IEMs, too. Sometimes our lead vocalist will use them for his personal mix, but he didn't for this show. The lead guitarist and I have yet to use IEMs and just rely on the floor monitors.

    Thanks for the feedback, @dbase . I'm glad I passed the test. I made sure I got a few food shots for you specifically!

    If you ever make it out to this way, we'll have to hang out and get something to eat!

    Thanks for the kind words, @growlypants . Glad you enjoyed it!

    Thanks for your vote of confidence, @McG . It's nice to play a first class gig at a first class venue for first class fans!
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  11. dlb1001


    Jan 30, 2007
    So cool! Beats the heck out of the little places that I have played!
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  12. Wow that was a great room! Good stuff sir i commend you!!
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  13. nixdad


    Aug 15, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    Nice job, johnnyplaysbass! Very impressive!

    How did you meet these guys, and how long have you had this gig?
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  14. DirtDog


    Jun 7, 2002
    The Deep North
    That was a great gig report! Thanks!
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  15. Awesome gig! Awesome gig report! Thanks for sharing.
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  16. BassCliff


    May 17, 2012
    So. Cal.

    This is pretty epic! Excellent report about an excellent venue with excellent accommodations, excellent stage, excellent lighting, excellent production, and excellent hospitality. It also looks like your excellent crowd was really into you guys. Thanks for taking us along.

    Do you always fly with two basses? I'd really like to but right now I just have one flight case. We all usually travel very light. I bring one instrument, one carry-on, and a backpack. I'm good for three nights. Most of us in True Willie just bring one instrument except for Dave (drums) who just brings a stick bag. Once in a while, if he knows the place has a lousy snare in the backline he will bring one. Besides his keyboard John will also bring a sound module. Depending on who we fly with we have to pay for each checked item. I would have to check and see if the budget can include more than one instrument for me. Are your baggage fees always factored into your covered expenses?

    Once in a while our gear will get pulled aside for special treatment because the TSA agents think the cases John and I use look like rifle cases. Have you every had that happen? On this trip I found a little notice that the TSA had opened up my case for an inspection. The last trip we had to show ID to pick up our cases because they looked like rifle cases.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your most excellent gig! I'll keep an eye on your website so perhaps I can catch one of your shows in the OC this summer. Thank you sir!

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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  17. johnnyplaysbass


    Apr 30, 2008
    Brea, CA
    Thanks, @dlb1001! I have played a lot of little places in my time, too.

    Yes, it was a great venue to play! Thanks for the kind words!

    Thanks, @nixdad! Glad you liked it! I met these guys back in March 2012 through a friend of mine who was the original drummer. He and I had played together in a country band in Los Angeles in 2009, and later a rock cover band. He moved to Las Vegas in 2011. He and and the guitar player were forming a Journey tribute band in early 2012 and asked me if I wanted to come to Las Vegas for an audition. So, I drove out there one day in March, auditioned, and got the gig.

    Thanks, @DirtDog! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Thanks, @Sore Thumb! Thanks for taking the time to read it!
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  18. Gravedigger Dav

    Gravedigger Dav Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 13, 2014
    Springtown, Texas
    Well done, but no pics of hot line dancing chics?
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  19. johnnyplaysbass


    Apr 30, 2008
    Brea, CA
    Thanks, @BassCliff! I really appreciate the kind words, especially since you are the gig report king!:) Everything about this gig was, as you said, excellent!

    This was the first time I had flown with two basses. I had previously flown many times with just one, either in a gig bag placed in the overhead bin or checked in an SKB Waterproof ATA Bass Guitar Case. But, I always worried about not having a backup bass. So, I searched the internet and TalkBass for a gig bag that was made for two basses. After much research I decided on the Reunion Blues RBX Double Bass Guitar Gig Bag and I couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend it to anyone. For this gig I flew Southwest. They are very musical instrument friendly and your first two checked bags are free. I brought the gig bag containing two basses (carry on, easily fit in the overhead bin), a backpack (personal item), and a suitcase (which I checked). I opted to pay $15 for early check in both ways so that I was in boarding group "A" and assured an empty overhead bin for my gig bag. I try to travel as light as possible, too. Our baggage fees are factored into our covered expenses, as well.

    I've never had my gig bag pulled aside by TSA for special inspection before. This last trip when I put it on the conveyor belt in Cleveland, the TSA agent checking the X-Ray screen did seem a little surprised that there were two basses in it.:laugh:

    Hopefully, we'll catch up at each others shows this summer, or even at another TB member's gig! Thanks again!
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  20. BassCliff


    May 17, 2012
    So. Cal.
    Hi Mr. @johnnyplaysbass,

    Interesting, very interesting. I was always under the impression that the airlines were pretty strict about the size of carry-on items. I have the SKB-44PRO case and I really like it. I've never tried to carry it on. I'd be surprised if any airline would let me. But I'm still a rookie at this "fly date" stuff and still learning the ropes. I didn't know Southwest was instrument friendly, good to know.

    It seems on every flight something special happens to my bass. It usually comes through the "large checked items" area or is hand-carried by a baggage handler to the claim area where I have to show ID. It has never come down the carousel with the rest of the regular luggage. It was suggested to me that I label the case "Musical Instrument" so that it puts the TSA agents and handlers more at ease. I guess "BassCliff" and bass clef symbols are not enough. :p

    I see you're next in Colorado in July? Perhaps some overseas appearances in September? Let me know if you've got something closer between now and then. ;)

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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