Johnson 30w practice amp for sale

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  1. I bought the Johnson amp to use at home while i waited to save for a cab and head. I have that now, so i have no use for the practice amp. It only has about 20 hours of use on it. Its in great condition., and sounds great too. Its light and easy to carry around. It features an 8" speaker, and volume, treble, bass midddle and presence controls. Im selling it for $75 (US dollars) or best offer. Reply if you are interested. I need to sell this to get a new bass, so if anyone out there needs a cheap, reliable, great sounding practice amp, please reply to this.

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    Apr 16, 2000
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    By the time you ship this, you'll have made no money, at all. Why sell it?
  3. the buyer pays shipping, jsut like when you buy anything online