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Joining lacrosse?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Tommygunn, May 16, 2011.

  1. Tommygunn


    Nov 8, 2008
    Houston, Tx
    I had a couple of friends at school to convince me to play lacrosse. I know nothing about the sport, and I've only played a couple times after school messing around with friends. Really the only things I have going for me is that I'm a lot faster than everybody else (used to play basketball, and I didn't run this year cause track/CC bores me), and that I can catch the ball (I can't throw, cradle etc.). I'd be at a great disadvantage because I'd be a sophomore playing for the first year. They recruited me to play at the end of this year, but by that time there were only two games left in the season. So they want me to come out to offseason and practice with them to see how I like it, and if I like it and pick it up fast enough they want me to play on varsity because they need some fast players. So far I've only bought a cheap @$$ stick and some half decent gloves (they were like $40 on clearence, normal was like $130), thats all I need for offseason.

    So from people who actually play, can I get help? With anything basically, lol.

  2. I have a brick wall behind my house..when I started playing I just stood in front of it and threw for hours. I would run back and forth in my yard working on scooping..and I found that to lern how to cradle..I concentrated on my wrist action first and then added the elbow movement into it...just work at it and find what works best for you...throwing style, catching style (I start my cradle into the ball and the stick is sideways as the ball enters)...and it will come to you...for me cradling was the hardest, but it comes with time...
  3. Tommygunn


    Nov 8, 2008
    Houston, Tx
    See thats the biggest problem, practice area. I don't have a wall I can practice against and I don't really have a yard either.

    But thanks for the cradling tips!
  4. Gomeztool

    Gomeztool Banned

    Dec 10, 2010
    It's a very physical sport. Make sure you have the balls to give and take checks.
  5. Hoover

    Hoover Banned

    Nov 2, 2007
    New York City
    Unless "offseason" is shorthand for "playing all by myself with no other humans anywhere nearby", get yourself a helmet too. I still have a huge scar on the top of my skull from where I got clocked by a defenseman's stick while having a friendly [sic] practice scrimmage thirty-five years ago.

    That was also probably the last time I played lacrosse, so I gots no other advice, sorry!
  6. I played as a kid throughout school. It's bigger than football in my neck of the woods.

    Be sure to work on your opposite hand/arm. To be ambidextrous in lacrosse is huge and very necessary. If you start out using both, it should come much easier.

    Ground balls. Work on picking them up. This is an area often missed by beginners until coaches beat it into them. Keep the tail of the stick low. Work on them often, especially if you are playing catch with someone else. Occasionally zip one on the ground to them, or even better, work on picking a dead ball up off the ground while running. Leveraging ground ball skills can win games.

    Run your ass off, especially if you are taking up midfield. I played on a winning team one year that wasn't really that good technically, but just ran and beat the opponents into submission because we were so physically conditioned.

    The cradling/passing/catching will come fairly easy because you will do it constantly. A partner is the best situation. If you don't have a wall to rebound against (??surely they have walls where you are), they make a net/stand thingy that will pitch the ball back to you. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

    Hit hard and clean. Like most contact sports, come out guns blazing and instill fear in the opponent. Never underestimate the mental game.
  7. Bipslapper

    Bipslapper Well Ahoy, Paloi

    Sep 20, 2009
    Cape Cod, MA
    Good thread and baba has good tips. My older daughter made her JV Girls lax team at her high school, now "DAD" has to learn the sport. I played football, baseball, golf in HS, never lax so I need to learn.
    Any good websites to learn the basics of the sport: rules, scoring, etc..

    Thanks in advance and good luck to Tommygunn
  8. I played box lacrosse for years, a few scoring titles, provincial titles under my belt. I don't know a whole lot about the field game, but the biggest thing isn't being fast, it is being fast while carrying a ball. I wasnt the most talented guy on my team, but I was the fastest and I had the hardest shot. That came from hours and hours of throwing a ball against the wall and catching it. One thing that I used to do was walk to school while cradling the ball and dodging trees. I looked like an idiot, but when games rolled around, I could avoid a hit with one hand on the stick, in either hand and keep all of my speed.

    For equipment, get a good lacrosse helmet, sticks and balls hurt like crazy when you get hit with them. Never practice without your gloves on. You don't need an expensive stick, if you know what you are doing. I modded a cheap one into a better stick than my expensive Mohawk stick. Learn to tie new shooting strings so you can mod your head to how you shoot. I was really accurate with my stick, but I couldn't hit anything with anyone else's stick.

  9. jwbassman

    jwbassman Supporting Member

    Aug 9, 2006
    I've played for years and I currently coach youth Lax and I'm a Certified USL Coach. I usually play in a over 30 league in the summer and indoor in the winter. Lax is a great game. If you're already athletically gifted and a fast runner, it's no wonder that the team is trying to recruit you.

    A lot of the posters above have given some good advice. Wall ball is probably the best thing you can do. Practice with both hands. The fundamentals are the most important things. If you can't catch and throw accurately and pick up ground balls, you're going to be no good to your team. Especially ground balls. There is a saying in lacrosse, "Ground balls win games". I tell that to my players all the time. If you win ground balls, you win possession and you get to score goals.

    So practice catching and throwing on a daily basis. Get a friend that's on the team and make it a point if you don't have a wall. My high school had a wall at the practice field that available to be used anytime all summer long. You may want to talk to the coach and see if they have something like this. You'll be able to learn the rest with good coaching. A good will walk you and the rest of the team through the different offensive set ups, fast breaks, clearing, EMO and other stuff. But none of it will matter if you don't have a grasp of the fundamentals of the game.

    The other thing you should be doing is watch NCAA Lax. The season is ending soon, but watch as many games as possible. Check out ESPNU, they have Especially the NCAA games, as the rules are going to be almost identical to the high school rules. MLL Lax has a different set of rules, and box lax and indoor are completely different animals. Watching the games will give you a better feel for how the offense and defense work and how the ball moves. There are a lot of things to learn as far as the rules go. But you'll pick them up quickly playing on a structured team with coaching.

    NCAA tourney is on going. Watch it. Here is a link to the schedule.

    College sports on ESPN TV networks - ESPN
  10. Tommygunn


    Nov 8, 2008
    Houston, Tx
    Thanks for all the advice guys! I really am taking it to heart and workin on it everyday.

    I'm trying to recall some of the things said to address them, so if I don't touch it I'll go back later and comment on it.

    1) Another thing I didn't mention is that I'm 'okay' at scooping up the ball. How they first saw how I fast I was is someone would throw the ball down field as far as they could (football field) and 3 or so guys would run to go get it, and I would always end up at the ball first and about 15 yards ahead of everybody. I'd then be able to turn around and out run everybody again, but if someone cut across fast enough to get to me and they tried to take the ball (got a couple of bruises on my hands and forearms that way), I would almost never be able to keep it from them.

    2) No walls, no yards. I live in an area with no walls good for playing lax (only one I can think of, that comes close enough, has a window on it) and neither my neighbors nor I have real yards that I could practice in. Only practice I get is messing around with kids after school, but most of them stopped bringing their stuff since the season ended.

    3) My next-door neighbor (a sophomore on our varsity team) offered to loan me a helmet, or anything else, if offseason required it. He said I prolly wouldn't need it because the offseason is just playing light catch and conditioning, so I wouldn't need anything other than gloves and a stick.

    Thats all I remember for now and I'm on my dad's blackberry so it's hard to go back and read stuff, so I'll get to the other stuff later.

    Thanks guys, its helping a lot.
  11. Tommygunn


    Nov 8, 2008
    Houston, Tx
    Side note: I played a 3 on 3 half-field match today, so I got a little experence 'actually playing' today. It was no goalie and everybody was playing everything. 4 varsity kids (older), another freshman that was on jv this year, and myself.

    I'm not scared at all to be rough or get hurt. I came from a REALLY small private middle school (low density of athletes), and the only thing that ever gave us a chance in basketball is that we made it a contact sport (of course staying legal as we could, but we were brutal).

    I'm pretty confident with my dexterity with both hands, I throw with my right and I golf with my left, so both kinda feel natural to me.

    I got ground balls almost completely down today, there were a lot of missed passes today and I was first to all of them and I picked up most of them with ease.

    I think running is going to be the force behind my whole game. That is why they wanted me to begin with, but I was practically running circles around the other team and it led to my two points, out of an 8-6 win for my team. I was suprised with how well I did.*

    We had no padding/helmets today, so we played no contact.

    Thanks for the video dude. Really... chill:p

    Good luck to you too man!

    Why do you say that about the gloves? And I noticed about the stick thing. We were all using each other's sticks and I noticed they all shot differently.

    Thanks for the advice! At least now I know who to go to for help with legality and what not.

    (for anybody who gives a crap :D)
    *I had one of my other (freshman) friends who was on varsity that it was super easy to pick up, he wasn't kidding. I've played catch a couple times but thats about it. I scored 2 out of our 8 goals today: 1st) one of my team mates was trying to keep it from going out of bounds (I assume just messing around) and he scooped it up and flung it back into the field and I was able to run about half the field (20yards? We were plaing on half field) and catch it and do an underhand toss into the goal. 2nd) I had the ball and was running from our goal to theirs and I ran around the first kid and I came up on the second guy and I 'juked' him going on the inside to the right, and there was another guy not too far behind him a bit farther to the right. I did the same thing to the 2nd guy but went on the inside to the left and sprinted to make an underhand toss for my 2nd goal. /bragging

    I was a happy kid today
  12. anonymous122511

    anonymous122511 Guest

    Dec 28, 2010
  13. I say wear the gloves because it is quite different stick handling with them on vs off. My coach always told us to wear them and I always did. You get a better feel for the ball and stick with them on all the time.


    Edit: most of those hits are tame compared to box lacrosse. Add some boards and a shot clock and it gets painful fast.
  14. Actually, it's not.:D Many of those hits are illegal and a trip to the penalty box. The ones that are more like a punch with the glove hitting instead of the actual stick are legal. The hits where the portion of the stick between the two gloves alone contact are not legal.
  15. In field lacrosse, they are legal in box lacrosse.

  16. Tommygunn


    Nov 8, 2008
    Houston, Tx
    And whats the difference between field, box, etc? Thanks
  17. Box lacrosse is played in a hockey rink with no ice. So there are boards, smaller field, more equipment for the goalies, a 30 second shot clock, five runners and a goalie, no long sticks for the defense, ect. YouTube or google the NLL (national lacrosse league) for a better idea of the game.

  18. Happynoj


    Dec 5, 2006
    I like turtles.
    If it makes any difference, I think that in the UK, only rich girls are allowed to play lacrosse.
  19. Tommygunn


    Nov 8, 2008
    Houston, Tx
    Today was the last day of finals/school, so we played some lacrosse. I played with most of the jv kids and then they left and a lot of the varsity team showed up, and we played an actual game, I was alright at best. They got tired of me not trying to shoot so they taught me the "correct" way to throw, catch, cradle, and shoot. My only struggling I have left really is running full speed while cradling, cradling with one hand (holding up by the head), and putting some heat in my shots. When I run and cradle, I either end up dropping the ball or I end up kneeing the stick and dropping the ball that way. I just straight up can't cradle with one hand, which would help with running part. And I don't think I'm doing something wrong cause I feel like my shot is a little weak. But I guess I'll work on it during offseason. Thanks for all the help so far guys!

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