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José "Red Light" Theodore ......hum...... wow!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by hitman9696, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. This guy saved the Habs behind last year. He won 2 trophies: Perfect!

    There is absolutely no excuse for his performance this year. He has been nothing but a sore loser since the beginning of the season. Because Hackett played much better than him, it "affected his concentration". COME ON!!!!!!!!! What level is he playing? Peewee?? How old is he? Only a loser makes a statement like that! He makes Jim Carrey look like a REAL Vézina Trophy Winner!

    Now, I have to admit that the Canadiens defense is one of the worst in the league. They literally suck. Brisebois, Quintal, Traverse, Dykhuis, and Rivet are minor league caliber defensemen. However, it's the same bunch of guys they had last year. Yet, Theodore was making the saves, and that gave this bunch some hope of winning, and they did. This year, the goalie is below average, and this defense core can't do anything. If the goalie is not in his game, then no one is. The team’s performance is directly and positively proportional to Theodore’s accomplishment (sorry, math example :D )

    It's all about goaltending in the NHL. Look at the best teams in the league. Their goalie is one of their best players.

    I'd like to read some of your opinions on this matter.
  2. It's not always about the goaltending. Tonight Tommy Salo is playing great for the Oilers but the rest of the team is playing so bad it makes me embarassed to be an Oiler fan.

    I think the problem with Theodore is that he isn't as good a goalie as he made everyone think last year. He got on a bit of a roll last year and was playing way over his head. It really bugs me when guys sign these huge contracts after one good season, it takes a lot more than that to prove yourself as a star in the NHL.
  3. The Oilers and Senators are my other favorite teams in the NHL. Edmonton has some problems. They need to pull it together to make the playoffs. They are in a good position right now. But, they can't start losing again.

    What really, I mean really bugs me in Theodore's case, is that the French media here proclaimed him as GOD... the next Messiah. He became a Super Star this summer. A man with no flaws. The big contract. All this after one season. And no one in the media gave Hackett credit and respect for what he did. The Anglo side did, but very few French people admitted he saved the team. They made a language thing out of the whole thing. All they had to do was to admit that Theodore is not a very good goalie, and that it was a mistake to treat he as a deity, and move on.

    Montreal has serious and deep problems. This team is back to square one. Everyone thought they finally broke Patrick Roy’s curse, that they found the next goalie, and they returned to the playoffs. Well, it’ll take a huge miracle from GOD (Theodore) himself to get this team to the next round. And things will get worse if they don’t start rebuilding from scratch. We’ve been saying this since we first missed the playoffs few years ago. They should have cleaned the roster, finish last, draft the top picks, and get back to the top, just like the Bruins, Maple Leafs, Senators, Oilers, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Vancouver, Nordiques/Avalanche and soon, the Atlanta Trashers.
  4. Barfly


    Dec 27, 2000
    GTA, Canada
    Oilers on top? Chicargo on top?
  5. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada
    C'est pas vrai ça!!

    You should know how the Montreal media are very hard on the players, it's been well known.
  6. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan - that dog won't hunt, Monsignor. Supporting Member

    Mar 24, 2001
  7. By top, I meant those teams dug themselves out of mediocrity, and climbed to the level of decency and respectability. They finished in the pits for the a few years, and now they are legitimate hockey teams. Not the Canadiens, not by a long shot. Oilers finished last for a long time after all the greats left the team. Chicago same thing, until they had a great run last year.

    Yvon, on sait tous ça que le média ici est un peu trop agressif. Mais, mon but était d’affirmer que c’était une erreur tous ce qui c’est passé l’an dernier. Theodore should have never been as good. The team should have not made the playoffs. He should have never, I mean never, won those 2 trophies, and the big contract was the biggest distraction. All these factors helped set back this team. The media overrated them, and now we see why. No defense, one line of offence, marginal goaltending, and by God, absolutely no physical play. You’re not going far with all that.

    One other problem I have to talk about is the coaching here in Montreal. Since Mario Tremblay and Rejean Houles’ catastrophic and self-mutilating era (granted the team never played as well as they did during their stay, but their achievement was short-term. They killed the future of the team), the management has hired 3 IDENTICAL coaches: Vignault, Therrien, Julien. What’s the point when you replace orange with grapefruit, or red apples with green apples. If you’re not going to bring a whole new way of thinking and coaching, then the effect will be minimal.
  8. hehehehe....

    Mathieu Garon = 25 save shutout.
  9. Hey all you French Canadians: I have been to Canada 6 times, all Ontario. (Although I have been to Ottawa 3 times; IMO, small but friendly city with some French influence).

    I was wondering the difference in amount of French spoken between Montreal (a city I've been dying to visit) and Quebéc.

    Now regarding hockey: I believe the cultural differences between the Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, English speaking side and the Roman Catholic French side make for a charming city, but a simmering pot. But honestly, both cultures should UNITE when it comes to the hockey team. But to treat Hackett like that is pure BS. Hackett is a hard-working guy who once outplayed a Stanley Cup-winning goalie in Tom Barasso to take the starting sport with the Pens a while back. (BTW: DID ANYONE SEE LEMIEUX GO APE**** THE OTHER DAY?) Hackett is not a star, but he busts his *ss every time he's out there. And for him to not get the recognition that HE deserves just because he isn't French Canadian is ridiculous.

    BTW, I am a Leafs fan, and also follow the Sharks and Flyers (family has connections in Philly) I want to go to a Montreal v.s. Toronto playoff game some day. I could then die happy. THE ORIGINALS.

    ¡Víva un deporte real! ¡Olvídate del beísbol, esto es mucho mejor!

  10. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada

    They are both french city, but there is a lot more english in montreal.
    I think montreal is 50% french and 50% for everything else (moslty english and chinese)
    And Quebec city is 97% french and 3% for everything else.
  11. Hockey here is a religion. As you can see in the world today and throughout human history, religion is the biggest fence that separates human beings. Well, hockey in Canada is the same. Because of the "Two Solitudes", no way people are going to unite. There will always be a French side and an English side. For example, Doug Gilmore gets a lot of heat here because he takes the place of Mike Ribeiro, he's old, and he has too much power in the team. The English side has built a great habit of crucifying Patrice Brisebois over the years. Jeff Hackett never got the respect he should have deserved. No one in the media tells it the way it should be said. They are all motivated by their cultural background. Another example, the French media got single handedly rid of Mike Keane.

    Both sides have made huge mistakes because they couldn’t let their differences behind and agree to work together. It has always been , is ,and will be a language thing is this town. Too bad. I consider Montreal one of the greatest cities in the world. Clean, beautiful, safe, laid back, cultural, and full of variety and never boring. I believe this is our only flaw.
  12. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada
    ever heard of Don CHerry??
  13. thrash_jazz


    Jan 11, 2002
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Artist: JAF Basses, Circle K Strings
    I don't know if the French media called Theodore God, per se... When Jocelyn Thibault was traded to the Hawks (from Montreal) he seemed quite happy to be out of the pressure cooker.

    What I want to know is whether the Habs even consider non-French-Canadians for certain positions. Head coach, GM and such.

    I think Theodore is a very good at stopping the puck, but he is really bad on rebounds. And the Habs' defence is too bad to be able to provide consistent help.

    I wish the Habs well, but... GO LEAFS GO!!! :D
  14. Trust me, my Canadian friends, I understand FULL well the extent of hockey north of our borders.

    I went to a Leafs game 2 weeks ago. I have never seen an ENTIRE city draped in blue and white before. Everyone. Middle aged men and women. Little kids. Teenage girls. Everyone. Heck, any country that has hockey on the back of the 5-dollar bill is cool by me. The caption on the bill says, and I quote:
    "The winters of my childhood were long, long sessions. We lived in three places - the school, the church, and the skating rink - but our real life was on the skating rink."

    ROCK ON. That's not fair; we have boring old political figures on our money :(

    If that isn't living hockey I don't know what is. And I consider myself a pretty intense fan for an American. Our college team is in like the 6th or 5th place in the nation (I know that doesn't compare to Montreal, but bear with me), AND LEMME TELL YOU, TEAMS DON'T LIKE PLAYING HERE. Fans arrive to game drunk off their @ss and scream obscenities and throw things you will NEVER hear and see at virtually any other place in the country. Every single game is sold out. And the home game against Harvard.....Those are sold out like almost a year in advance. We don't like Harvard. WE REALLY, REALLY DON'T LIKE THEM. That's one of the few things I do like about Cornell; we have a VERY intense hockey following. HOCKEY IS THE ONE AND ONLY SPORT ON THIS CAMPUS. The rest either stink or no one cares, or both.

    Are you saying that Habs fans are disenchanted with Gilmour? HE IS IDOLIZED IN TORONTO. When that #93 used to skate out for the starting lineups at home games, the place was deafening. I love Gilmour's approach to the game, and I has had much success playing it. He was a little man making a Zdeno Chara-size impact every time he put on his skates. We'll take him back!

    I would like to second the GO LEAFS GO! chant. I'm stamping my feet right now.....
  15. Bring back ANDRE RACICOT!!! :D
  16. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada


    why not Steve Penny?
  17. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada
    They would need to speak french, Larry Robinson or Bob Gainey would do a great job and they can get around ok in french.
  18. thrash_jazz


    Jan 11, 2002
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Artist: JAF Basses, Circle K Strings
    True true.

    Do you think the French media is tougher on non-Francophone players playing for the Habs? The French media in Ottawa (Le Driot, 110 pour cent, etc) don't seem to be like that, but I hear it isn't the same in Montreal?
  19. Yvon, I think you know about the "Two Solitudes". It's the inevitable and eternal difference and battle between the two cultures.

    Don Cherry is the worst human being to praise the work and rights of Anglo-Canadians, and Michel Bergeron is the worst human being to praise the work and rights of French-Canadians. For example, Doug Gilmore is Cherry's baby. Bergeron hates the living guts out of Gilmore. Gilmore is idolized in Ontario, but he is hated in Quebec. You see, there is no end. One hates the other, and the other hates back.

    I listen a lot to the French media here in Montreal. No one said anything bad about Theodore at the start of the season. He was untouchable. When Hackett played against Detroit and won, they were not quick to give Hackett the credit, but they were more concerned about Theodore’s mental health. Is he affected by the fact Hackett is playing well? They started blaming the management that they should have gotten rid of Hackett in the summer, to give Theodore the undisputed #1 position. I don’t see how, after winning the Hart and Vézina, and nailing a multimillion dollar longer-term contract, Theodore can still have doubts about being the #1….?!?!?!?!

    This is the French side’s mentality. The goalie must be French. The coach and general manager must be French. No way would they have brought back Robinson or Gainey. No way. They said it on the radio once. Those guys would be killed and ruined by the media. And they are not rookies. They’ve been doing this for some time. The media likes to pray on the weak. So it was no question to bring any of them back. And even if they did, those guys would have not accepted, simply because they know the media would eat them alive. Hiring coaches from the Quebec Junior League is the right thing to do. I don’t have a problem with that, as long as they are the most qualified people to get the job.

    And to answer one of the question, no, the Montreal Canadiens never considered hiring someone who is not French, or hasn’t been living and coaching in Quebec, and who does not speak French.

    The biggest problem is that this French-English story affects everyone’s judgment. Both sides can’t think straight anymore. I personally don’t take side. As soon as there is a problem, they start blaming each other. When things are running smooth, everyone is happy. Both have made huge mistakes. I just hope they can work it out.

    Don’t get me wrong. The English play a HUGE role in this. All the Don Cherry’s out there never helped the situation. They’ve just made it worst.

    Just my two cents, people. I hope everyone understands there is nothing personal here. Just a friendly debate. :)

    J’aimerais entendre tes propos, Yvon. Tu as l’air bien informé. Moi, j’essaie seulement de voir ça clair. J’espère que tu comprends.