Joyo California Sound my Perfect Fretless preamp

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  1. I was tracking some Fretless bass today and not happy with my usual triks for tonz and decided to try some different things. Sound up trying the Joyo California Sound with my Squier Modified Fretless Jazz and Peavey Foundation TO got just the right saturation, compression, mid presence, treble roll off and bass punch. I will post a photo of the settings when I get a chance.
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    I could see that working well. I already had the ultimate drive or whatever it's called, when I walked into a GC about two-three years ago. Sitting in the used gear case: AC Tone, British Sound, and Sweet Baby. Got them all, for $45 total. Since then, I've added the California AND American sound. All are very very good, and bring slightly different flavors to the party.
  3. I have used it a lot for guitar and also for getting my much loved Mesa Bass 400 tone so i really shouldn't have been surprised, the magic is that Voice knob and gain staging under the hood.

    The last time i was doing fretless tracking I found what I needed on my dbx ProVocal and saved the patch but this time the magic spark was not there, who knows next time.
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