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  1. Lark

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    Aug 19, 2011
    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if any has heard much about JOYO effects pedals.

    I know that they are "hand made" in China. I can find some videos on YouTube but not much else.

    I want to know how they would sound as a bass effect, more specifically the Compressor. The information says it is a Ross clone. According to Bongo's reviews they arent too bad.

    Any thoughts or opinions?
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    Nov 29, 2006
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    They are decently made Chinese copies. I've looked at the graphic EQ for a while now. I'm not sure how I feel about straight up copies of current production pedals (Ultimate Drive is an OCD, etc.). They have wave soldered boards (not hand made!) but the off board wiring may be by hand.
  3. Hmm, after a quick trip to ebay, the ultimate octave looks like a nice cheap sub for a micro POG with fuzz added to it. The fact that these are metal enclosures with the ol' "Kerchunk" footswitch has me intrigued.
  4. Lark

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    Aug 19, 2011
    Yeah, i have been checking them out all day. I like the look of the octave, the delay and the compressor. Do you think there would be any potential issues with using these pedals on bass? I cant find reviews or videos anywhere about these pedals on bass. Im on a bit of a budget, and im liking the look of a couple of these at the moment. What do you think?
  5. I don't think there would eb too much of an issue. If you experience any loss of low end, get the graphic EQ pedal and adjust from there.

    Which ones are you looking at?
  6. Lark

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    Aug 19, 2011
    Originally the Compressor and the delay, but im reading alot of good things about the octave aswell.

    Yeah thats a good idea with the EQ. I might just bite the bullet and give it a shot.

    If worst comes to worst, i might have a crack at modding it.

    Do you think it is worth a shot?
  7. I would say so with the octave and the delay. Compressors are a whole different story though. Take a few minutes on the ovnilab website and look at Bongomania's reviews of the compressors. He has some good recommendations for low and middle budget comps.
  8. You guys!!!! After reading this thread and viewing all I could find on various Joyo effects on the net I took the plunge and made a heavy investment in 2 pedals from under $90 shipped to my door in Canada.

    I thought I'd try the Ultimate Octave and the OCD copy (Ultimate Drive). I'm curious to see how they sound on bass. The youtube vids sound pretty good with guitar so for the $$ you can't loose too much. I've lost more than $90 buying a brand new boutique pedal and having to resell because I didn't like it once I plugged it into my bass and amp. I'll post again here when I get them in aprox. 2 weeks.
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    Aug 21, 2010
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  10. Damn, the youtube user just closed his account, but their "American Sound" Tech 21 Blonde Character copy sounded great on a P bass.
  11. My friend has a Joyo Digital Delay. I've played through it quite a bit and it's definitely a keeper. Build quality is at par with MXR and the tone is very good for the price. And even though it's digital it emulates an analog delay and it also oscillates. Check them out. I'm buying the Ultimate Drive in a few months for my guitar rig.: :hyper:
  12. They're here!



    Man these pedals bring some real value! I really like the Ultimate Octave (JC-12) on Bass and the Ultimate Drive (JF-02) is really sweet on guitar.


    Actually the Ultimate Octave (JC-12) is good on guitar as well but I wasn't sold on the Ultimate Drive (JF-02) with Bass Guitar. There didn't seem to be enough low end to hold a bass line in a live situation. My Fulltone Bass Drive had it beat as did my VT Bass, SFT, and Holy Fire for low end response.


    I did some comparisons between the Big Muff and the JC-12 and the JC-12 had much more to offer. At least in versatility.


    I had to take a look at the construction of these because at $32.69 each from | Y!S Shopping | Yoo!Smart -Accessories for Electronic Gadget I couldn't believe they are real pedals that actually work! I half expected some kind of toy... These are not toys, they sound great.


    You can see some of the construction was compromised to keep the price down but the electronic components appear to be decent. The workmanship could be a little better as the soldiering is a little sloppy but at this price, I wasn't expecting much:

    If you guys are interested I did up a review for the JC-12 that has a somewhat long sound clip showcasing some of the Ultimate Octaves sounds here:
    Ultimate Octave - Bass Gear Reviews at
  13. I don't know about their compressor pedal, but a friend of mine has the Joyo Tremolo pedal and it's actually legit!
  14. A bit late now, but any idea where to get one of those around here in Kol?
  15. Does the ultimate octave do a clean octave up or dirty only?
  16. It's dirty only. Perhaps on a passive instrument you could turn the gain all the way down and get a clean signal and engage the octave but even with the gain all the way down, I could always hear some fuzz. I only have active basses.
  17. Man, I really want to try one of these. Muthafunk, ship the Ultimate Octave over to Halifax for a day or two. :cool:
  18. mpdd

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    Mar 24, 2010
    really enjoyed the midcut, really enjoyed the octave, fuzz was okay
  19. Snakeman1066

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    Sep 17, 2007
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    Apparently a place in Carona California that stocks the whole Joyo line....

    Found em' on E-bay
  20. mpdd

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    Mar 24, 2010
    think it would have cost me more in gas to drive my truck to corona and back to LA than to have it shipped from china:)