JOYO Jackman viable practice head?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Felixx Bodhran, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Felixx Bodhran

    Felixx Bodhran

    Aug 22, 2018
    Hi all,

    I’ve very recently come across the Joyo Bantamp Jackman head which appears to sound like a JCM800.

    I happen to have gigged my P Bass through a JCM800 100w which sounded excellent. I’m currently building a 1 x 10 speaker cab and have been looking for a reasonably priced head for low volume practice.

    I wonder what you think about using this Joyo head?
  2. JAC77

    JAC77 Supporting Member

    Jan 29, 2019
    I know this is old, but super curious if you pulled the trigger, and if so, hod did you like it?
  3. Felixx Bodhran

    Felixx Bodhran

    Aug 22, 2018
    Yea I did end up getting and paired it with a 1x10 vented cab I made myself. The cab has a Celestion Neo speaker, maybe the BN10x I can’t remember the exact model.

    It is very handy as the amp and cab are small enough to have setup all the time. It’s not powerful enough as a bass amp to practice with a band (I did try but the band are loud to be fair), both guitarist in the band have tried it at volume and were very impressed with the clean and overdriven sounds.
    I do prefer the tone knob mostly down but that’s to be expected I guess from a simple guitar amp used for bass.

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