Juan Alderete and the MXR Phase 100

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  1. i was just wondering of anybody here knew if juan alderete from the mars volta used one of these pedals. and if so would you reconmend it.
  2. yes he does, if u want to hear a good example of his use of it, listen to "concertina" on the new mars volta live cd "scab dates", in the 2nd verse he uses it and it sounds great...ive used the mxr phase 90, not the 100, and the 90 was ok, juan makes the 100 sounds great, i prefer my old roland phase 2...if u check that track out, and the sound intrigues u, i suggest u go check it out
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    Dec 1, 2005
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    For the 'spaced ou 70's sound' that Juan goes for with his phase 100, I especially like the sound of the hbe psiloscybe phaser. Very funky and organic sound.