Judge Judy

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  1. bassman192

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    Aug 12, 2001
    hi, can anyone help me?
    i've been trying to find this part for weeks, after unsucessfully figuring it out then listening to it and realizing i was way off...
    i need the part to the theme, or any parts in the whole show.
    standard notation or tab is fine, i read all.

  2. what's this got to do with bassists? ... sorry i don't have cable, she used to be on NBC.... no more:(

  3. gruffpuppy

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    Aug 15, 2000
    In your basement.
    Very true about the midgets but
    "Colonel Sanders kills millions of chickens every year so why do I get all the abuse for killing one!!!" -Ozzy Osbourne

    I think that is Alice Cooper.

  4. no, ozzy is the one that bit the head off the one chicken... killing it.

    cooper might have done it also, but i don't know about that?
  5. embellisher

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    Hum, it is kinda music related, but I don't know if it belongs in Miscellaneous.

    BW? What do you think?
  6. whoohooo, i thought it was just in bassists... am i too tierd from football or what.. wow, i need sleep...:D
  7. Hategear

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    Apr 6, 2001
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    Ozzy bit the head off of two doves at a corporate meeting, purely for shock value. He later bit the head off of a bat during a concert, claiming that he thought it was fake. I'd tend to believe him, as I don't think anyone would purposely subject themselves to the battery of rabies shots that come standard with a stunt like that (not even Ozzy). :D

    Alice Cooper threw a chicken out into the audience after it was thrown at him from the audience. It was torn to bits and thrown back at him -- piece by piece. He later stated that he "forgot that chickens couldn't fly." :confused:
  8. Munjibunga

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    May 6, 2000
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    I can't decide who I like least, Judge Judy or Dr. Laura. I suspect they're the same person.
  9. who's Dr. Laura???
  10. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000

    If "Judge Judy" is a song, or if bassman192 is looking for the bassline to the Judge Judy TV theme, it does belong here. The problem is the thread tile is vague and the text doesn't help either, which makes it hard to help bassman.

    BTW, Judge Judy is still on Network TV, either FOX or NBC. Personally, I prefer Mills Lane.

    I think we're all cued up for a "which TV judge do you prefer" thread & poll. If someone wants to start it, please do it in Off-Topic.;)

    And BassMan192, could you explain what you want a little better?
  11. i think the same thing about paul anka and neil sedaka...
  12. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    Now that's sacrilege. Sedaka's much better than Anka, hands down. Neil Sedaka went to Julliard school of music and later became a professional songwriter for Aldon Music before having a career of his own, like Carole King (who was also an Aldon Music songwriter with her husband Gerry Goffin). It was for Carole that Neil wrote the song "Oh, Carol".

    You can tell I love Sedaka, right?

    QUIZ: What was the name of Neil Sedaka's songwriting partner in Aldon Music?
  13. Joe Nerve

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    Oct 7, 2000
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    The cat walked up the stairs, into the the bathroom, and drank from the cool water from the toilet.
  14. Howie Greenfield. :)
  15. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000

    Give that man a prize!:)
  16. ARA punk

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    Jul 11, 2001
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    I saw the video of alice throwing the chicken. I thought it was hilarious.