SOLD Jule Monique 700 Hypex with Road Case - NEW LOWER PRICE

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  1. Alehouse

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    Sep 2, 2012
    New York
    Purchased this Jule on here earlier this year. I gigged it a couple of times and It is a great amp. Comes with Gator hard shell case. Selling because I need to finance another project. Shipping will be included in the continental USA.
    A35ACC18-D571-4037-A103-C7F806E751DD.jpeg 045C53A9-78DB-4CEA-A663-76D4405B83BB.jpeg FDCA5D54-98B1-4A74-B080-566689B0D957.jpeg
    Original listing on Talkbass

    SOLD - Jule Monique 700 Rackmount (w switch protectors)
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