TRADED Jule - Monique 700- partial trades Monique pre, noble, P15, Shaw TIP, Arkham get the idea

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    Jul 31, 2013
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    Just got this Monique 700 in trade, i can't believe what a monster it is! The tone is truly incredible and so versatile. I'm only selling/trading because I have an all tube Sunn that I like to run my preamps into so I'd like to get into another high quality pre without the power section included. If it wasn't for my Sunn then my search would be over, 14lbs with this kind of power, tone and feel...unreal.

    This unit started life as a Monique Tardis w/o the power section but after purchasing it on TBass the TBasser I got it from in trade sent it to Jule to add the power section in 2016. Truly a masterpiece, it's so smooth sounding and really impossible to produce a bad sound out of

    Comes with a pedal train case that fits it pretty well. No other original packaging included

    Looking for either cash or one of these pres plus cash: Shaw TIP, Monique, Noble, Broughton P15
    I would also take a Quilter bass block
    Would consider a fender mij bass, orange o bass

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