SOLD Jule Monique Dovecage Preamp/DI + M700 Hypex Power Amp

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    Jule Monique Dovecage Preamp/DI + M700 Hypex Power Amp

    Selling my Jule Dovecage tube preamp/DI and M700 hypex power amp.
    Both in great shape, only lightly used in the smoke-free studio.
    Dovecage has the latest DB and sensitivity push/pull knobs.

    US$17001500 for the pair, shipped CONUS / Canada
    US$1000900 for the Dovecage only, shipped CONUS / Canada
    US$750700 for the M700 only, shipped CONUS / Canada

    No trades, sorry.

    20180405_095759.jpg 20180405_095802.jpg 20180405_095805.jpg 20180405_095817.jpg 20180405_095820.jpg 20180405_095825.jpg 20180405_095827.jpg
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  2. Sent you a pm.
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    Crazy good deal on a crazy good combo!!!!
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