SOLD Jule Monique Rackmount Preamp

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    Howdy TB. Gotta downsize since I'm moving to a smaller space. Here's the infamous Jule Monique all tube preamp in excellent working condition with some rack rash. I picked it up here in March 2020 from a TBer who picked it up 6-7 months earlier and used it some at home. The post has been taken down.

    The preamp was refurbished in 10/17 by Jule. It got a fresh set of tubes at the time. I asked what this meant and if it was up to current spec and was given this message from Jule:

    “There should be no difference between what is currently being shipped and that Rack Mount Monique from when it was refurbished on 10/6/2017.

    On this date it also got all new tubes.

    You can tell your customer that it is up to current standards.”


    $775 shipped CONUS. Sorry, not interested in any trades at this time.

    Thanks for looking, DM

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