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    So I have met Julie a couple of times through my old boss around Philly. I never saw her play live just YouTube stuff. I have seen Dr. Dog live and her brother plays drums and is absolutely amazing. But I got the feeling before she was great and schooled but got to play with Adrian Belew because of her coming up through school of rock and being a young and female. More of a novelty of being beautiful and the bare feet and all. I didn’t think women could dig in enough and play hard enough.


    Well I am so FN wrong it’s ridiculous. The last few recordings I have heard and listened to I am totally blown away. I was judging in the most stupid of ways and I am so sorry to be that stupid. She is now one of my favorite all time bassists. I love her tone, I love her stage presence, I love that she plays with a pick and fingers and slaps she is versatile and creative. I am going to watch her closely and I can’t imagine how good she is going to be. I am schooled! She is in my top 5 players of all time.

    Just 1 example to behold

    Adrian Belew Power Trio - Three Of A Perfect Pair - YouTube
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    I'm in love:)
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    She definitely brings it, on the tune a little madness, her tone is thunderous