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Just a link I thought it'd be nice to share

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Tui, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Tui


    Feb 3, 2014

    His name is Jim! I randomly found this cover of his on Youtube and thought it'd be nice to share with you all. I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to bass guitar (matter of fact I still haven't got my first class yet), so I know nothing about it.

    Nevertheless I think this guy's got some skills!

    Nothing but motivation, wish I could play as good as him one day!
  2. Mike M.

    Mike M.

    Feb 14, 2010
    Thanks for sharing! That man DOES have some skills there.
  3. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
  4. I like it!! :cool:
  5. Tui


    Feb 3, 2014
    No problem, glad to do so!
  6. adbass

    adbass Supporting Member

    Sep 14, 2012