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  1. Would anyone with the expertise help me design a Class D amp?
    It would be much appreciated.
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    This would be a case of, if you have to ask, it's probably not a good idea to attempt this. There are plenty of good class D amps available, ready to use.
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    Sure, I'll help. Get a whole bunch of parts and a Radio Shack project box, and keep putting the parts in it till you come up with a class D amp.
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    Get an infinite number of monkeys and....
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    Take a look here:


    and here:


    Not to be discouraging but Class-D design would be the the most advanced and difficult type of amplifier to design and build without having significant experience in electronics. I have an MSEE degree, have designed and built many class A and Class AB amps, both tube and solid state over the years, but I don't feel qualified to design a Class-D amp from the ground up.

    Using pre-made modules or assembling a well designed kit would be doable. Read through the above forum if you're interested in learning what others are doing.
  6. Where can I find one of these kits? I'm planning to build a class D 425w amp similar to one of the GK MB's.
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    I like your spunk and your vision.
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    Nearly all the kits for higher powered amps that I've seen involve pre-assembled Class D modules. There are quite a few on eBay, a few in the classifieds at DIYAudio, and this one on Rod Elliot's ESP wesbsite: http://sound.westhost.com/project114.htm. Rod's preamp boards work pretty well for bass. I've used Project 27 and Project 94 for bass preamps pretty happily.

    You might also look at the MiniDSP and Hypex websites for amp modules.

    If you expect to build anything decent on your first few tries for less than the cost of a G-K, not going to happen.

    Have fun, keep us posted.;)
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    Maybe his username has something to do with it? :eek:
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    Find a class E amp and cut 20% off of it.
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    Who knows. Maybe he has experience we don't know about. I haven't even cobbled the courage together to build a simple class A/B amp yet. Although I'm thinking maybe I'll cut out the stuff in the middle and go right to a Class H.
  12. Thread titles should really be a baited hook to attract readers that may have interest or useful insight. Titles like "Just a question" are lousy bait as may be overlooked by all but the truly bored, pranksters, and nit-picky jerks like myself. A title that included words like: class D, amplifier, build, help... would have been more effective in attracting your target audience.
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    This is true, although not as bad as the threads that are titled "Help" which are ubiquitous around here too.
  14. Thank you. It's gonna be a cool design, a little gimmicky, but definitely something a lot of people around here have been wanting.
  15. Yeah, my bad on that one, I wasn't really thinking straight.
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  17. Thank you, I'll start reading up on these.
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    Jun 19, 2008
    Register over at DIYAudio, use the search function and find other people who have already attempted something similar. Then, if you don't find the info you need, ask your questions there.