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  1. I know some people might think this is stupid but, Im looking at a fender jaco bass and I gotta think how ******** is this? its about $1400 and I could just buy a jazz for $300 and take the pickguard off. plus I know vintage basses are cool when theyre all worn and used but why throw you money at them for it. i think if you want the look take your bass and play it more and wear it down yourself. shazaam in your face fender in your face. thank you :hyper:
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    There's difference. The one for 300 is more than likely a MIM(Made in Mexico) and the Jaco sig is American, or Japanese. I'm not sure.
    The gloss is different, and the playability is a huge difference.
    But who knows, maybe the 300 will be your calling!

  3. I can understand. my p-bass is mexican made and I love it but even if it was american or japanese would it be worth forking over that much more cash I mean look at the price

    mim p-bass $350

    mij p-bass $500 +

    miAMERICA $ just empty your bank account
  4. i understand your thought, i think. i have a problem spending over a grand on an instrument with chips, and dings, built in.
    if you can afford the Jaco, then consider the American Jazz bass, 3 color 'burst, rosewood fretboard. remove the pick guard. the extra money for usa built, is worth it. :cool:
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    Apr 10, 2003
    Personally I think it is all relative. If I had buckets of cash I would buy higher end basses. That said I think a mid priced bass gives me the sound and playability I need.
  6. I'm with you. Everybody has GAS for the vintage instrument but at today's prices most can't afford one. Buying the "relic" line might give some kind of instant prestigious gratification but at the end of the day, you know in your heart that you still have a "knock off". I once had one of the first Jazz reissues (mid 80's,stacked knobs, MIA,etc.) Played a show with Average White Band and at sound check Alan Gorrie was oohing and aahing over it thinking it was original. My heart sank (kinda) realizing I had to tell him it was a repro
    It's like wearing a fake Rolex that probably keeps better time but just ain't the real thing.
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    Jeff Rader, one of our members, has a relic Jaco reissue. Whether I like the relic treatment or not, it is hands down the best 4 string fretless that I have ever played, and in the top 10 basses period that I have ever played.

    The Fender custom shop stuff is right up there with a lot of boutique stuff.
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    Jan 21, 2004
    Plus, if you don't like the pre-worn look (which I too am not a fan of) they sell a Jaco bass with out the chips and dings. I don't know if it's of the same quality though.

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    IIRC, the non relic Jaco model is a factory made USA model, not a Custom Shop model. Of course, since it is the Custom Shop, I'm sure you could get them to build you a new, nonrelic version, for a price.
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    First of all, the worn Jaco bass you're looking at is a $3000 instrument because it's made by the Fender Custom Shop. Some swear by CS instruments, others say MIM or CIJ is plenty good. For me, I can work with a CIJ, but I would never say no to a CS Fender.

    Secondly, you CAN'T just take the pickguard of a Mexican Jazz, Fender routes extra under the guard, so you'll have a nickel sized hole under your pickguard.

    Not to mention the wood, fit, and finish are much higher quality.

    IIRC there's a comparable Fender Japan model around $650, looks identical to the Jaco bass, and doesn't come with a pickguard installed.