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  1. Ok, I know spectors are awesome basses, I have a Q6, and it's a great bass, but I was just wondering why don't they make 6 string Euro Models, b/c I really can't afford a U.S. bolt-on and esp a neck-thru and I don't fancy used basses. Although, if there are a such thing, how would I go about getting one?
  2. I don't think they make 6 string Czech's because it wouldn't be worth the costs of modifying their Czech factory. You have to remember these things are 'hand-crafted' - made on machines. Perhaps updating the machinery in the Czech factory is just not cost-effective for Stuart. You can get a U.S. Bolt on 6 for a few hundred more, so it's not a huge gap in the Spector product diversity. Up until recently, they didn't even make fretless Czechtors - now they're a great option for the first 'nice' fretless.

    Me, I'm going US Bolt-on five for my first fretless.
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    USA Bolt on NS-JH5CM:
    List:$2,699.00 Cost ~1899

    Czech Neck thru NS-5CR:
    List:$2,199.00 Cost ~$1549

    If they were to make a Czeck 6 string, the price difference would be comperable. Also the NS-JH6 (ash body in Antural only) is $2699/$1899 & the NS-JH6CM (Figured maple body w/more color options) is $2899/$1999.

    The USA Bolt on 6 might be more in your price range than you think.