just bid 4 & won a Jazz Bass

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  1. In my 1st ever bid on ebay(Aust) I just found out I got a Fender Jazz Bass! I've never had 1 B4 tho I've always wanted 1! Whooo Hooo!!!! Cant w8 4 it to arrive! when it does I'll send some pics. As I've said B4 on this forum, I live In Tasmania(Island state down under"down under") Population is only approx. 400K ppl so we're limited in wot the music stores get here & there4 wot I can try out. Tried out a MM stingray-loved it, but have ALWAYS loved the look, feel,& sound of the Fender Jazz. So I'm one Happy Fella 2day & will be even more happy when I get my mits on the bass!
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    Funky Tune

    Apr 28, 2005
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    lol...nice..enjoy your new baby when it comes
  3. wot a kool post dude. ur msn speek rox :eyebrow:

    Seriously though - congratulations on the win ;)

    ...just that with a tiny bit more effort on your part, your posts will be much easier to read.

    Save the MSN speak for messenger and texting your mates :D

  4. Good luck with the bass and all

    but seriously, typing with numbers makes me h8 you
  5. OK! got the message. I will deaf-in-8-lee write in full next time lol BUT really its only coz I aint got internet @ home & am slow typer anyway & am really supposed 2 be working @ the moment instead of following my passion! geddit? But I'll try to type better next time. ta Rod