Just bought a Markbass CMD 102P! :) happy days

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  1. So as the title would suggest, i just bought a new markbass amp and i can't wait for it to arrive!! i've had plenty of basses over the years but never forked out for an amp because i never needed one but i am regularly gigging and playing decent size shows so i thought i would need one, what does everyone think of the CMD102p? i am new here also so any feedback would be choice :)
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    Solid piece of gear. You should have fun with it.

    I'm more interested in you being from Invercargill, though. In 2006 I went to New Zealand on a tour with Bowzer from Sha Na Na, and Invercargill was supposed to be the last stop on the tour but got cancelled. I'd heard so much about Invercargill being totally different from the rest of New Zealand, too, and was really looking forward to it. Probably won't get to go back, but NZ was great.

  3. Hey Dude, Thats pretty cool! Invercargill is a great wee place, i've lived here basically all my life and some people don't like the cold weather here but i love it and i am always busy playing gigs so i can't complain :) funny how ya meet people from all over the world like this! it is a small world ae? can't wait for the amp to arrive so i can start playing at home for once!
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    Hey Arun,

    I live in Auckland now but lived in Wanaka for 3 years. I just brought a CMD102p today and love it. I was testing it against Phil Jones amps which are great as well. The Markbass is so light, your going to be super stoked going to gigs with it and the sound is great. Let me know your settings when you have had time to mess around with it.