Just bought this '71 Epiphone ET 285 bass...

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  1. I read good things about these basses and this one seemed to be priced right - I have seen them going for over $700...I paid $400 for this one.

    They were made in '70 and '71 by Matsumoku in Japan...


    That pic is from the seller's site...the bass won't be here for a while because of the holiday.

    (I will be selling at least one of my others, probably the Epiphone Zenith Bass...)

    Anyone have one of these MIJ Ehiphone basses?
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    I've never had the money whenever I've seen one of these. Construction is solid and is an improvement over the red EA-260 and 280 models from the very late sixties, but i cannot speak as to how these sound. There is a contemporary natural finish neck-through model as well.
  3. Oren Hudson

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    I have an identical one to the one you're getting. I've had it since 2003. It's a great bass for me. BTW, I checked my file and discovered that I paid $199 for it 11 1/2 years ago. Hope you like yours as will as I like mine. Congrats.
  4. They are OK but I was never blown away by them. Standard to lower tier 70's MIJ construction. Are they really selling this high these days? I paid under $200 for one about 10 years ago or so.
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    Congrats they really are cool basses and you have to love anything that can survive for more than forty years:) I love these rare types of basses and Reverb.com is becoming the go to place to buy them that site is full of rare instruments at some good prices enjoy your new bass.

  6. I saw one yesterday - $775 plus shipping.
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    This or a similar version was the first bass I ever owned. I paid $110(?) for it in 1979 or 1980. I think I was too inexperienced to appreciate its positive qualities but it definitely had its flaws. The single coil pickups were very noisy unless you set the three position switch so that both were on. The pickups also tended to feed back. The tone controls on the instrument and the amp had to be set a certain way (I don't remember what) or the thing fed back in a really ugly squeal. It had pretty bad neck dive as well. I eventually constructed a little extender out of a bicycle headlight clamp and some body putty that cured the problem but it sure didn't look like much. To this day I am a little obsessive about my instruments being well balanced.

    I know I sold it but I do not know to whom, when, or for how much. Hope you enjoy yours, you will probably appreciate it a lot better than I did mine.
  8. Saw another for sale online at a NYC shop for just under $800...
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    Jesus. Why didn't I keep mine?
  10. These are fun basses but I can't imagine ever paying that much for one. They are great 70's budget basses but IMO the pickups are not very good and the tuners are typical low quality tuners for the time. Great basses for sub $300 but I can't imagine them being worth more than that. I guess the times are changing.

    Edited to add: Checking ebay sold prices it looks like $250-300 is the going rate for them. The one the OP bought is in great condition so $400 is probably an OK price for a close to mint one. Those higher prices are just shops with high expectations. They don't seem to sell anywhere near that.
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    Nice score, please post more pics when u get it! :bassist:
  12. http://rivingtonguitars.com/website/index.php?main_page=page&id=23
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    10cc, the one I have (haven't played it for a while) one of the pickups (bridge) had a nice distorted/driven sound perfect for garage rock.
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    Neet. Body reminds me a bit of the Crestwood/Olympic/Coronet from the 60s