Just changed strings, why do they always buzz...:(

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  1. Every time I change the strings on my bass they buzz for the first few days (i know shock in the neck and stuff, but i adjusted the truss rod this time). Right now how its setup (exactly as the old strings were (same action, etc) they are buzzing like mad, this happens every time i change strings and sometimes on some strings it doesnt go away no matter what adjustments i make. Is there a way to stop or prevent this? (its a six string with dual truss, btw)

  2. metron

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    Sep 12, 2003
    When you adjusted the truss rod what did you use for a measurement? I do my own setup and have found that the truss rod setting is essential. I use a leaf style feeler guage because the measurements are so small and a good setup requires this to be precise. Saddle height also needs to be adjusted. If all these settings are in order then you may have a problem with the nut slots being too low. If you bass has seen a lot of play the slots may wear down over time. Good luck...
  3. I notice you say "for the first few days" after changing strings they buzz. Do you stretch them? After you tune them to pitch, pull each string away from the fretboard at the 12th fret.
  4. yes i do, thanks though. Anyway, i am actually not minding it anymore because it gives a really excellent slap tone right now (i just have to shape the eq to low-mid for jazz and cut all highs). But my bass has never played or sounded this good for slapping, this is great (too bad strings dont last too long :()
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