Just curious.... How would you build your board if you had these babies:

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Godcreep, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    In the picture you can see all the pedals I own... I already experimented with all of them and for the moment I'm only using the B7K with the B3K and sometimes the Fuzzrocious Bongripper (running the effects through a Boss Line Selector). I'm using a Peavey T40, a Fender Precision and a Fender Jazz and my longtime friend, Mister SVT3pro. (I'm considering a SVT Classic though). I play in a metalband (sludge/doom) and I'm in search for a biting, overdriven or distorted thunderous bass sound (like most of us I guess :) ). I'm getting somewhere but I'm still not a 100 % satisfied. Think Jeff Matz in High on Fire or Al Cisneros in Sleep (Shrinebuilder).... etc. The one pedal you see in the picture with the woman painted on is a custom build bass overdrive/distortion from 'Tailor Made Pedals'. My question is simple: which pedals would you guys prefer to use and in which order? Which pedals do you think would complete my quest ? (I'm also planning on selling some of the ones I did not use for a long time, like the Bass Chorus and the Ibanez pedal)

    Thanx !

  2. Nashrakh


    Aug 16, 2008
    Hamburg, Germany
    Just my $0.02: Have you tried
    a) stacking pedals, like using different pedals in series at the same time? For example, I'm using a rat into a muff with good results. Fuzz face and muff is also pretty dope.
    b) Using the LS-2 to create two fuzz chains in parallel?
    c) all of the above?

    I'm excluding the obvious use of the LS-2 to mix your dry level into your sound because your Darkglasses should already be able to do that.
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  3. Hard to comment on a custom made pedal if no idea what it sounds like... my metal tone is different I guess in that I go for a low mid overdriven smooth boom more than buting fuzz. Given the bk pedals have blend and are known for the high biting too end id say they are a good start. I didn't like my boneshaker at all but others seem to. If using the ls2 made it get some bottom end back and less compressed then that would be good!

    Haven't used any of the others so can't really comment. My main dirt combo for keeping clean low end but wall of sound is mini 66 with mbd1 but that's way less distorted than any of the pedals you have.

    My only last thing is in the demo I just watched the reissue green Russian muff seems to kick more than any of the bass muffs... if I was in the market for fuzz I'd get the green Russian for sure.
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  4. Thanx for your replies.

    First in my chain is the B7K ... I really like this pedal because it gets me clearly in the mix (we have 2 guitar players). I tried using multiple effects in my chain but the problem then is also that I got a lot of hiss and noise, and that's why I use the Noise Suppressor (which really helps). So for the moment it's: Bass>B7K>B3K>Fuzzrocious. I never tried using the LS-2 to create two distorted chains in parallel.... for the moment I do use the LS-2 to blend my dry signal in the mix...
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  5. Nashrakh


    Aug 16, 2008
    Hamburg, Germany
    Lots of hiss from the amp is kind of expected from the genre, isn't it? I think it adds a kind of ambient athmosphere to the music, until you get undesired feedback.

    When it comes to stacking pedals, I've had the best results when both pedals weren't cranked up, but had moderate settings. That also helps with noise, but if you have a noise gate anyway, that's not much of a problem.

    Using the LS-2 to drive two fuzz chains at the same time may give you a sound with a rich texture that may not be suitable for a very dense mix, I found. Works best if you don't have to struggle against guitars (gotta love bass-only doom bands), personally I like one channel with full-on fuzz and one that is only lightly crunched, not totally clean but with some lows if the first chain sucks them out.

    If I had your pedals, I would try this with the LS2 to see if that's something you might enjoy:
    Chain 1) one of the darkglasses set to light crunch, with dry signal mixed in.
    Chain 2) a low-gain pedal into a high-gain pedal
    Mix them both to your taste with the LS2. Beware of phase cancellations in this setup.
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  6. Swimming Bird

    Swimming Bird

    Apr 18, 2006
    Wheaton MD
    I agree with the above of using the LS-2 to create a mad nasty fuzz/distortion tone. I also generally like going high to low gain with dirt pedals.

    Keeping with your Darkglass setup, I'd do something like: B7K >> LS-2
    LS-2 loop A: HM-2 >> Boneshaker and LS-2 loop B >> Muff >> ODB
    LS-2 >> B3k >> Fuzzrocious. Or whatever, add some modulation in the loops; use the Boneshaker EQ to make something nasally and black metal, with doom fuzz on the lows.
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