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just defretted my MIA jazz, thanks for the help

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by DEFELDUS, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post (though ive been browsing this site for a long while) and after reading up on lots of threads i decided to go ahead and do what ive been wanting to do for a while. I am 17 and have been playing bass about 2 1/2 years and i have a mia fender jazz and mim fender jazz . the mim was my first bass and the mia was my second (which i got for free, long story) and since they're identical basses i decided i wanted to defret it. i made this decision over buying one because i am currently looking to buy a six string (fretted, and no john turner you arent gonna talk me into a 7 string! lol) but i still had the desire to take the plunge and go fretless. i just wanted to say thanks to everyone here for the wealth of information and for giving me the courage to go ahead and do what ive wanted to do (but have been afraid to) for a long time. the process went very smoothly (as ive said, i did much research and reading on this site) and i must say i impressed myself with the outcome. i first removed the neck from the body (after i took the strings off of course) and then heated the frets one by one with an iron. i actually removed them with a pair of toe nail clippers, as the pliers i had werent doin the job. next i sanded the neck smooth and filled the slots with a "liquid wood" and let it try. after that dried i smoothed it out with another sanding and wiped it all clean with a damp washcloth and let dry. then i put the neck and string back on and lowered my action a good bit and im in fretless heaven. i do have a few questions for those with fretless experience though. one) just how low should the action be (or is it a matter of personal preference) and 2) what are some good techniques that i should know about. thanks for all the help and for making this such a great site =]
  2. doesnt count without pictures!:D
  3. i know i know lol but i dont have a digital camera =[