Just dropped 12k need to sell off gear! Aguilar, Kramer, EHX

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  1. I just bought a home studio and need to get rid of extra gear.

    Aguilar GS 4x10 i dont need to say much except this thing is loud and amazing! It good condition with a small dent in the grill and piece of the siding but nothing to affet the cabs tonal quality.

    Price-500 Firm

    Kramer DMZ5000 aluminum neck bass. Kick ass vintage bass from the late 70's. The E-string tuner is a slightly messed up but not enough that it effects anything. Comes with origional case. Usual scratches,dents,dings for a bass this age.

    400 O.B.O.

    EHX Big Muff Sovetek New in Box
    50$ Firm

    EHX Big Muff US, hand made.


    P.S. email me at topgunebay@yahoo.com
  2. What's the impedence of the Aggie?
  3. 4 ohms.