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Just Finished Our "Tour"

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by int, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. int


    Jan 21, 2002
    Phoenix, AZ
    Well, it wasn't really a tour, per se. More like a glorified road trip, with shows.

    We drove from Denver to Phoenix on a Saturday, hoping to stop in Albequerque. But we were almost in Flagstaff before we got word we could play there. Keep moving. We got to Phoenix around around 2 a.m.

    Both me and our guitarist grew up in Phoenix, so I was dropped of at my parents'. But I forgot my key to the house, but luckily my brother was home. I'd had about 10 "road beers" with 2 of the other guys (don't worry, our "driver" was sober, despite his needless swerving), and I somehow have to get into the house. I stand outside for a few minutes, not believing I am where I am, and eventually realize I need some sleep for the show the next night. So I call my brother (who is still living at home) but there's no answer. I start imagining myself sleeping on the front patio in the Phoenix heat, waiting for my Mom to open the front door around 5:30 a.m. to get the paper. Luckily my brother calls me back a few minutes later and lets me in, despite his confusion. I look like the son that you Dad's haven't seen for 8 months. What a funny situation: drunk, no job, smelling like a van filled with 4 other guys that can't control their bodily functions.

    I end up passing out on the couch until my Dad comes out to make coffee in the morning. Apparently, my wife never told him we were coming through Phoenix on our way to LA when she talked to him the other day, but he's happy and wakes my Mom up. She hates surprises, but I'm always a good one, apparently.

    Anyways, our first show went off without a hitch. Seemed like familiar territiory, as Minder Binders in Tempe looks a lot like the DarkHorse in Boulder. Same parent company or something. But, all of our friends showed up, and we filled the upstairs bar; I got to see a few people I hadn't seen since high school. And, my wife's cousin happened to be in town, so we got to catch up on family matters. I went home around 2 in the morning.

    As I slept, our drummer ended up partying until 5 a.m. I get a call around 9, being asked if I'd heard from him. Jim was last seen at 5:30, drinking a Red Bull. We had a few days to kill, but prepped a buddy on our song changes, just in case. Jim ends up at a Motel 6 in downtown Tempe. A 24 hour lapse in time...oh, the stories!

    We played another show in Phoenix at the Big Fish Pub, again in Tempe. It was family night. My Mom came, as did some of our drummer's extended family and our guitarist's parents. Best show so far.

    LA a few days later. Got to see an act that was probably expected, but I think we all could have done without. We ruled the night, and sold a fair amount of merchandise.

    My wife had met us out there, so I didn't stay with the guys, but everyone ended up in our hotel room on Santa Monica Boulevard, where we partied like rockstars until 5 in the morning.

    Needless to say, the van ride back to Phoenix was a little tense. I ended up behind the wheel cranking music until everyone eventually fell asleep, or at least shut up.

    We played one more show at Jughead's in Phoenix. We got dicked around on the time we were supposed to play at, and the problems got worse as the night went on, so we decided to just kick ass on stage. Which we did.

    The guys took off that night, back to Denver. My Wife and I grabbed a flight the next day, as I had some personal things to do in Phoenix.

    But we finished off the tour back at home last night, again, at the DarkHorse in Boulder. Despite my tiredness after running sound all night, we dominated enough to get a "one more song!" chant at the end of our set. We slaughtered that last one, but we didn't care, nor did anyone else.

    We're already planning another tour is in January.

    Anyone know a good booking agent in the Denver area that works with punk bands?

    :) :D :p
  2. I've only played in hard rock/metal bands around Denver, but I know of a few punk bands that might be able to open some doors for you. One I've actually played a gig with and they were very cool. They're called Clusterfux. Here's their web address:


    Good luck!

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