just gave a bass away and feel good

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  1. I help out at a local ADS (alcohol & drug support unit) and they have just started a music group, most of the clients want to learn guitar (god knows why) but they do, there is one fella who wants to learn the bass guitar :hyper: and i"ve told him i have a bass he can have and he"s over the moon that someone is giving him an instrument he"s actually interested in learning, he asked me could i teach him some basic basslines, which i"m quite willing to do and if i can teach him anything else then fine.
    I"ve only been playing 18months myself so i"m not exactly geezer butler (big hero of mine) but this guy realy wants to turn is life around and learn the bass in the process.
    I really feel great about giving the guy a bass and hopefully he will do something with it.
  2. Really great story! If you can give anyone the gift of music and they actually accept it, that's the greatest thing you can do for someone. Music will never throw a hissy fit and break up with you because you've been down the local trying out new basses, after all ;) (etc)
  3. cheers.
    I used to have a drink problem myself so i know what these people are going through, its very easy for people to judge these people because of their problem when all it takes is someone who will listen to them and try and help sort their problems out.
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    Jan 26, 2008
    that is so great that you would do something so generous :]
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