Just got a mac.

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    Apr 12, 2006
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    Both my DJ/mixer and I use Live 8. I use it primarily as a DAW with my MOTU 8pre, sometimes I'll run a track through the line out of the 8pre and into my pedal board and back into an in to rerecord the track with one of my pedals. Mostly this is with one of my synth circuits (usually involving my moogerfooger LPF), but more often than not the effects built into Ableton are more than sufficient if not superior. My DJ/mixer uses Ableton Live as a kind of loop manager that he uses to reconstruct the song in a live setting, and mix back into the live song.

    Live, my DJ uses my 8pre to take two live feeds from my Ampeg SVP-BSP (one clean, one dirty w/fx) two live feeds from my guitarist (amp line out, mike on his cab, or one from someone we're playing with; another player (keys, horn, vox, second guitarist, etc) and three from drums (sometimes this is condensed through a Mackie P/A mixer, so my DJ can run a certain mic'd drum (or all of them) through simple pedals (delay, reverb, etc) back into the motu and thus back into live. All of this can in turn be used to create loops, that can be remixed w/Ableton's effects and the thrown back into the live mix. If you were counting all that, you might notice that I only use 7 inputs on my 8 pre. This is because one channel has to be designated for a line out, and even if I'm not using one of the channels for a line out, it always seems that I get a weird feedback loop on that channel. Motu claims that there should be no problem but I don't trust it. There are two FireWire connections on the back of the MOTU, and one idea that I'd like to experiment with, is using the one or two of the in's to record to a separate mac dedicated to just recording the live sound with a couple of mic's. This was where I was seeing Logic possibly fitting into our program, but this is also something Live could totally handle.

    As you can see, we're still experimenting with it a lot. It seems everytime we play we set it up a little differently, but we're totally stoked on the results.
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    Jan 12, 2009
    Hi OP.

    Macbook Pros have a FireWire port and the CPU, hard drive, and graphics performance suitable for multi-track recording.

    But at some point a while back Apple stopped using the tried & true Texas Instruments-brand FireWire chips in favour the cheaper (presumably) Lucent/Agere chips which were reported to be problematic with some FireWire interfaces.

    However, I've seen newer reports which indicate that these problems have been resolved in the latest MacBook Pros.

    If you're going to get a FireWire audio interface for your new notebook, then identifying exactly which FireWire chip it has...

    "bantanda if you still are wondering, you can ask a friend or a willing sales assistant to do a cmd+s on bootup..the chipset manufacturer shld be displayed. However if its a later model it is most probably Lucent/Agere, the supposed problematic chipsets."

    ...followed by doing some research into which pro-level interfaces in your price range are truly compatible with said chip, and then doing a try-before-you-buy, would form a prudent approach to minimizing any computer-related impediment to your recording creativity.

    Some background reading:

    MacBook Pro - FireWire Chipset - Texas Instruments?

    FireWire Audio Heat Problem (Macbook Pro, Late 2008) VIDEO proof

    Latest Macbook PRO (April 2010), works great with Win7 very low DPC

    Fortunately TalkBass' membership includes a fair number of MacBook Pro/FireWire audio interface users.
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    Jan 12, 2009
    What's the make and model #?
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    Jan 12, 2009
    I read somewhere a while back that GB has the same resource footprint as Logic because it's essentially a feature-reduced variant of the same program veneered with a hand-hold GUI.
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    Dec 9, 2009
    A friend of mind uses GB for when we jam at school. His father runs a small bluegrass studio and he bought Logic to give it a shot, and the father honestly likes GB's simplicity a lot better. Some of the "extra" features aren't really helpful and the ones that are can be extremely difficult to manipulate if you aren't 100% sure what you are doing (I'm not).

    "Using Logic would be like firing up a Space Shuttle just to fly to a next door." I read that or something very similar to that at one point and agree with it for the most part.
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    Jan 12, 2009
    If I were going to return to Macs (I thought of doing so back when I was still dual-booting Windows XP Pro SP2 and successive versions of Ubuntu) I'd definitely outgrow GarageBand before moving up to Logic Express or all the way up to Logic.

    As I understand it, both of Apple's more advanced multi-track audio recording apps. can import GarageBand files anyway.
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    Oct 4, 2008
    Dude. Trigger Finger. 99 bucks. MPC pads.
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    The 8pre wouldn't be the best choice for live mixing , there is no EQ'ing/compressors/reverb. The mkIII units from MOTU have CuemixFX , and that's what you'll want.
    If you need 8 preamps, then the 896mkIII is your choice.
    I personaly use a 828mkIII to do our IEM mixes "Live" , and it works perfectly. I also use external preamps.

    Back to topic , I bought a MacbookPro a couple of months ago after using my PowerbookG4 to death.
    If my new one is Half as reliable as my PB , then I'm a happy camper !
    I use Digital Performer as my DAW.
  9. Welcome to the fold :)
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    We bought one Mac too a while ago. Now we have three. All of them are fine pieces of equipment. I am still partial to Windows, so I run Fusion on mine and use Windows 7.

  11. I thought about the trigger finger (faders and knobs abound!) but I really want something I can plug a pedal in so I can trigger Ableton Live's looper and so far the only things I could find are the Akai APC40 (Live controller, probably not going to get it), Korg PadKontrol and Akai MPD32. I like the Akai the best but the PalKontrol can be had for less. But all that's after I get a nice keyboard controller. It's looking like a Novation ReMote 61SL MkII right now.
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    Welcome do the dark side.

    I use a Dell all day at work and LOVE coming home to a Mac.
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    Oct 30, 2006
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    I just picked up a MPC32... Its a neat little box, I really need to do the electrical tape mod. Which is supposed to fix some of the inconsistent triggering.

    But have that run into Ableton Live on my MBpro.
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    Long time Intel based programmer here. cp/m, mp/m that far back... Got laid off 18 months ago and living where I do, decent tech jobs are scarce... Bought a MacBook this spring, downloaded the FREE development system. Last week snagged an iPad - hope to have my first app approved this fall.

    I really like the machines but ... I hate the proprietary nature of Apple. Still - It's been sort of invigorating to toss all my old ms based development skills and ramp on something new. Here's to hoping that it becomes remunerative as well!

    Only thing bugging me as I write this is that the TB UI is decidedly not iPad friendly...

    My main machine is still a Lenovo T61/Vista machine as the Mac is my development system. My recording machine is an Intel running XP in Koolance tower setup with a Digi002 console. I really can't imagine going back to a straight interface. The console is more music like than computer like. It just fits me and my work style better. That work style thing is mighty personal...
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    Jun 16, 2010
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    I just bought my Mom a new PC for her birthday and I'm getting my wife a new laptop for her birthday. They both commented that they should get me a new laptop next. I told them I am not interested in a new computer (I have a laptop and a couple of desktops, all PCs) until I can afford an APPLE. I have simply had too many issues with Windows and continuous patches and viruses.
  16. So, what would you guys recommend for recording and why? I know people are gonna have differing opinions but im curios as to the real differences between ableton and logic, for example.
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    Apr 12, 2006
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    Start with GarageBand and explore that program. It might actually suit your needs fine. After that you can determine which direction you want to go.
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    Apr 5, 2007
    I really want to say "MAC SHMACK!" , but that's only because I don't have the time to start learning a new OS right now. I will probably end up getting one,, mostly to separate my music and media stuff from the pc, but I know there are good programs that work 100% fine with pc. I just hate all the clutter, so yeah,,my macless days are numbered