Just got a Peavey Mark IV 400bh--Newb going old school!

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  1. Hey vets!
    I'm reading thru the owner's manual, but am a bit overwelmed with the two channels and all the knobs and in and outs all over the place. Of course, this is part of the fun, but due to other humans living inside the house :banghead:, I have limited times when I can experiment. Hoping for an old schooler to give me the cliff notes. I'm looking to sound like JPJ, sometimes with a bit more aggression like Geddy or Harris. Being new at this, I've never had a head like this. For example: how does one choose the channel A or B? I see that A is passive and B active (whatever that means), and only A has the crossover option for bi-amping, but then the B channel has the Paramid and Shift knobs. Yet, I have only a single input option (dual for an active bass). I guess I'm used to idiot proof equipment that's plug and play.
    Any advice is appreciated; I give back when I can.
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    1) Do you have the footswitch?
    2) Have you watched the YT vids?

    I used to do PV warranty service and worked on plenty of those. Easy to fix and usually I wouldn't see them again for a long time after doing so. Don't remember many specifics like you're asking for though -- that was ~30 years ago!
  3. No, I've not a footswitch. I've watched many a you tube vid, but haven't searched the head thereā€¦ going now.
    my mark iv is circa 1982; damn tank seems pretty loud for under 300w
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    You can roll your own or get an aftermarket one, there are many threads here and elsewhere on this. IIRC both channels are active unless you have the Automix switch to disable one or the other. For now you can just turn down whichever one you don't want.
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    I believe the crossover is after the whole preamp section, meaning if you're biamping, it doesn't matter which channel you are using. For the record, that head can't biamp by itself. You need another power amp. I'm sure you know that, I'm just clarifying.
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  7. Roll my own? Awesome, will search around. Also am watching a killer demo of the head on YT:bassist:.

    Thanks for the reply BassikLee. I've got a power amp and two 4 ohm cabs. I've read many an opinion in the TB vaults saying that bi-amping is a waste of time. BUT, as I've never heard it, I will be experimenting with bi-amping. It was the clincher selling point for me:thumbsup:. I got it local from CL for 100 bucks. It's pretty damn loud:woot:!
    love me my TB,
    f n o r d !
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