Just got a Tech 21 Oxford

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  1. Last night at band practice I opted to run my new Tech 21 Oxford pedal in my signal chain rather than my Tech 21 VT Bass, which I've been using as an "always on" pedal into a GK 800RB/Ampeg 8x10 setup for a few years. I'm still getting accustomed to the way the controls interact with one another, but WOW, the Oxford has a really fantastic sound. With my Thunderbird, I was getting some amazing "old school" rock tones. Growl for days. I was definitely getting a tone in the ballpark of Tom Petersson from Cheap Trick. I won't be getting rid of my VT anytime soon because I do love the Ampeg sound and it does it wonderfully. But the Oxford has its own distinct sound that, in my opinion works great for bass.

    I have a 70's Orange OR120 to directly compare it to. Sounds damn close. The Orange sounds great for bass, but isn't loud enough for me to use for bass live. The Oxford into my GK fills that niche very well. Couldn't be happier.
  2. I've been using some various guitar pedals with my bass recently. A good number of them pull out the right freq bands to produce some great 70s rock bass sounds. Use something to mix them with dry bass signal and you can end up with a winner.

    As has been noted by a few folks that don't much approve of my opinion, I'll say once again that the Boss LS-2 is an excellent method of mixing your bass with other stuff as it provides two parallel chains. Placing the Oxford (or other) guitar pedal in parallel with the dry bass signal might produce some serious sickness.

    Guitar pedals tend to freq-center at around 500hz or thereabouts. Oh wait ..... 500hz is also where the VT Bass is freq-centered with the mids control ... hhmmmmm .... and they both appeal to you ..... imagine that? ;)

    I wonder how the Tri-AC would work out? ;) (Heyyy.... that one freq-centers at 500hz as well ..... kinda makes ya go Hmmmmmm...)

    Just sayin ... :)

    I've been getting tones from my POD Pro that are indistinguishable from the VT Bass. Dammit ... there's that Hmmmmm thing again!
  3. I love my Tech 21 Oxford. I run it just as Flux Jetson was saying - well, usually. Parallel channels of Oxford+Dry through an LS-2. Character set around 60%. Drive between 50-90%. bass high, treble low, mid mid.

    I run that into an SVT-4 Pro on the verge. The pedal ODs the amp. I LOVE the sounds it makes, and I use it often. The sustain it adds is almost ridiculous.

    The other thing I do is run a Muff (with it's own wet/dry output) on the normally dry channel. This gives me parallel Oxford/Muff/Dry through my ODd amp - it is a very distinctly layered sound that doesn't cancel out anything.