Just got back from first show

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  1. I just got back from my first time playing in front of people. It was great. :)

    The band was missing the drummer (work) so we got a stand-in from another band that played. Three bands played at a party today. And Last on the Menu (my band) was one of them.

    We played for about an hour and a half. We covered a few Blink 182 and Green Day songs. We did a few originals. Then we did punk covers of Britney Spears, Pretty Woman, and Happy Birthday.

    After the other 2 bands played, we all had a big jam session. At first there were 2 bassplayers, but the other started playing guitar. So 4 or 5 guitars were all playing around the line I was laying down. That made me proud. :D

    This has probably been the best day of my music playing career. :)
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    Mar 14, 2000
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    wow, man, that sounds like great fun. some of my favorite gigs were playing at parties and just jamming and having fun. good for you, bud.
  3. awesome man....what blink covers did you do?
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    Apr 30, 2000
    Way to go dude. Keep at it.
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    Feb 9, 2001
    Rock on Herder !
  6. You might change your mind about your "best day" when you can't say, "I just got back...." and come here to post because you're too, errrrr, ummmm,....... "BUSY" after the gig.

    Seriously, if you're like most, you'll remember it always and enjoy the memory.
  7. JR- We played Dammit with a new bassline, Josie (thats was probably our best cover), What's My Age Again, and we played Rock Show for the first time. We had never played that song together before. When Jim (the guitarist) started playing it, I dropped my strap so my bass was around my knees and started doing the jackhammer pick.

    And for Green Day, we covered Longview and a re-write of Minority. It's now called Geometry. (Jim didn't like geometry class last year)

    We have a few originals too. Those we are pretty proud of. :)

    And, come December, we should have a demo CD. With school and sports (for the drummer and guitarist) starting, we have to wait on the recording.

    Whee! This stuff is so much fun. :)
  8. Oh, and one band that played with us, Brave Jake (the guitarist hosted the party) did a cover of YYZ by Rush. It was really cool.

    And what really amazed me were his neighbors. In Jim's neighborhood, people leave when we play. In my neighborhood, people call the police. In Brian's (Brave Jake's guitarist) neighborhood, people came walking down and stood at his fence and listened. People driving by stopped and watched.
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    May 24, 2000
    Cool, sounds like you had fun:)