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Just Got Back From Seeing The Donnas

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by The Golden Boy, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. What a lovely evening. High 70's, the crisp breeze off Lake Michigan, Summerfest, a few hundred thousand friends kickin' back, tossin' down a few cold ones, running into people you haven't seen in years- and the unstoppable rock of the Donnas!

    They played at the Miller Stage, and it was a great- if not short, show. Their drummer and guitarist rule. They started out with "It's On The Rocks" and did an encore of "Livin' After Midnite," one other song and "Take It Off." The bassplayer was playing her Epiphone Embassy bass through 2 8x10's and it sounded pretty good. The guitarist was running through a JCM2000 and a Fender Tone King. I didn't think it sounded that cool when the tech was testing her rig, but when she got on it- that was a crushing guitar sound.

    They all appeared to be having a lot of fun, but playing a really tight show. The bass was pretty indistinct, so I didn't notice any boo-boo's but the only clams the guitar player laid were on the Judas Priest solo.

    Speaking of "boob-oo's" holy Hank Williams Junior in a Bathrobe were there loads and loads of exponentially hot chicks there. Note to single guys- go to a Donnas show. Note to taken guys- don't take the wife.

    A very good nite.

    Tomorrow- Beatallica and Cardboard Vampyres.
  2. I was at that show too! It was a pretty fun time. All the songs the Donnas did were pretty fun. I thought the bass sounded slightly muddy, but I assume she was using a lot of distortion. The encore was really good. "Living After Midnight" was fun, and so was "Take It Off."
  3. I see you posted this one the SD forum too...


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