just got back from touring Texas... maybe you saw me?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Every1TookMyName, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. I play bass in a show choir called Ned & Co... we played twelve shows in the San Antonio area in three days, then we had two extra days just to fart around. We usually play at schools, senior citizen centers, and what not. Anyways, I just got back, so I'll say a couple of things before I have time to collect my thoughts.

    • Saw John Q. Nice ending, but the movie could have been much better. I wish that whoever wrote that movie would get off of his stupid soapbox and worry about making a good movie rather than doing a bad job at telling me how evil the media and HMOs are. Good ideas, bad execution.
    • I think I improved LOADS... they're right, you will improve faster playing with a band then you ever will sitting at home sitting in front of an amp
    • Our last show couldn't have ended better. Little kids dancing, two encores, took a bass solo during Old Time Rock that actually worked, got cool feedback during Frankenstein, life is good
    • The riverwalk is pretty cool. I think I might have seen a Talkbasser playing in a bar the doorman wouldn't let me into... not sure though. (I was the kid in the Beatles shirt if you are who I think you are... nice Lakland by the way)
    • went to Alamo music and played some basses. Only had Yamahas and Ibanezes, pretty disappointing. I got to play a Tele and an SG w/ P90s that I fell in love with

    more to come!
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