Just got back from Warped Tour

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  1. manoman, what a great bunch of bands. i missed the bouncing souls, to my extreme disappointment, but i checked out the ataris and pennywise, and was front and center 3 straight sets for me first and the gimmie gimmes, less than jake, and rancid.

    i got to worship at the altar of matt freeman, he was just incredible, and such an unassuming stage presence. dull colored clothes, normal hair (compared to lars!) and a simple black jazz bass (if anybody wants to know, he uses GK amps). but can that guy ever play.

    fat mike was very entertaining, a real crowd favorite. his dano DC sounded surprisingly good, i gotta remember to try one out.

    ok, i think i'll go pass out now.
  2. ldiezman

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    Jul 11, 2001
    hey man.. you were in Charlotte??? did you see 311 play?
  3. no, northern VA/DC. 311 dropped off the tour after the Fla show, unfortunately. but i've seen them play 4 times before, so it's ok i guess. :D
  4. foolfighter24

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    Apr 22, 2000
    Thats really cool. But I have 1 question for you.....do you post on the Rebel Weezer Board? Cause there is someone their with a strikingly similar name(DH Crasher or DH Clasher, I don't quite remember!). Its been bugging me for a while. Just curious...
  5. hyperlitem

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    Jul 25, 2001
    Indianapolis, IN
    hey whats up

    glad to hear you liked the warped tour. i saw it twice, once here in indy and once in chicago. I didnt know 311 dropped the tour, that sucks. me and my band had backstage passes so we got to meet alot of the bands. my drummer met chad sexton from 311(which is his hero). he is a really nice guy. IMHO the bassist for the living end was the best bassist there. he played upright, but thats the coolest upright player ive ever seen. Its a shame you didn't see the bouncing souls cuz their bassist was pretty cool too. I'm not big fan of rancid so i didn't watch them much, but their bassist did seem very good.
  6. I went to the show in Pompano Beach, Florida. 311 was still on the tour, they were great.. grooved like crazy. P-Nut was the only bassist of the day who played exclusively with his fingers. Matt Freeman was pretty impressive, but I couldn't hear him real well from where I was standing. Randy Bradbury from Pennywise was great, not only with them, but he also filled in with The Vandals and kicked ass! Besides those two bands, I also dug Less Than Jake, The Ataris, and especially H2O, who I had never heard before. Great show overall!
  7. foolfighter: no i don't post on a weezer board, but i might someday, as i really like weezer (well, the first two albums).

    hyperlitem: if the living end was still on the tour, they would have been a very high priority for me to check out. i LOVE their recordings, esp. the self-titled album. oh, and i actually met the bassist for bouncing souls, because i recognized him off the album pictures and he was hanging around the epitaph booth when lars frederickson was doing a signing session. he's a nice guy. :)

    i really wanted to see H20 and the vandals, but there were timing issues. oh well, some other time.
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    Jun 18, 2000
    Atlanta, GA
    I went to warped in ATL, and it was a lot of fun. The best bands there, IMO, were 311, Pennywise, Rancid and AFI. P-nut is fun to listen to and to watch. It started pouring like crazy before Pennywise came on so it was a soaking wet mosh pit. ouch. AFI are almost like The Misfits reborn, and the only other band able to pull off the "Whoa-oh-oh" thing. But thats all i can remember from warped, the whole day is kind of "hazy" :).

  9. sweet, Im going tomorrow!! I didnt kno 311 dropped out, that really sucks! Oh well, im realy going just to see AFI the vandals and rancid!! Woo hoo!!